Vietnamese Adventurous Eaters with Exotic Cuisine

As the creatively blessed country, Vietnam stands out as one of the top Asian zones that evolve the adventure of eating exotic cuisine. To the Vietnamese themselves, there is no challenge to enjoy the dishes of frogs, snakes, rats, dogs, turtles, etc. Ridiculously, the foreign travelers tend to regard them as the adventurous eaters who date to swallow the countless number of exotic specialties.

A Glimpse of Exotic Cuisine in Vietnam for All Tourists

From chick-haft-develop eggs to water rat, Vietnamese exotic cuisine attracts the visitors’ interest and excitement from the bottom of heart. While some are the enthusiastic exotic Foodies, others are afraid of the strange and challenging food with the meat of dog, snake, cat, money, and so forth. In case of egg and chick, it is feasible to enjoy the exclusive dish by buying it at every kind of market and get it boiled anywhere with comfort.

chick-haft-develop eggs

Chick-haft-develop eggs

Meanwhile, dog meat is the delicacy at many restaurants throughout the country from North to South. Has anyone ever heard anything about the 7 forms other than cooking the dog? The large number of Vietnamese men is fond of the dog meat and its cooking recipes. According to some chefs, the delicious dogs are bred and fed for the core aim of cooking with meat. Sometimes, this kind of exotic cuisine raises the crimes of dog kidnapping or dog thieves. Most of restaurants in Hanoi serve dog meat as the must-have dish in the Menus.

Dog meat

Dog meat

In addition, snake turns to be one of the most favorable meats vastly consumed in Vietnam. The elastic and fibrous flesh might win the eaters’ hearts via the special tastes. Please note that the quality of snake meat may vary due to its kind for better or worse! In most cases, the exotic restaurants tend to offers the dishes from Water Snake though the most tasteful meat is the one of Cobra. Since it is quite rare to find a Cobra, people feel delighted with the flesh of water snakes cooked with tofu and sauce. Along with that, Cobra wine is also made as the exotic drink in Vietnam.

Snake alcohol

Snake alcohol

The Vietnamese Never Refuse Eating Exotic Dishes

Vietnam, especially Saigon (also termed as Ho Chi Minh City), promises to fulfill your Culinary Tour with the standard restaurants that feature the exotic meats of various animals! Right in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, ones have chances to taste ostrich meat conveniently. Besides snakes, paddy rats and pigeons are favorably consumed by both Vietnamese men and women as the great delicacy. Lots of seafood and fish dishes are also cooked to add the exclusiveness to Vietnamese cuisine namely baby octopuses, bass, eels, seaweed, squid, crayfish, crabs, sea cucumber, etc.

Since the Vietnamese are raised with exotic food from the cradle to the grave, it is extremely hard to find the ones that refuse enjoying the dishes of snakes, bears, turtles, eels, frogs, and so forth. Though some girls may be afraid of eating the “naïve” animals, most of men take things with ease and eat them with the restless excitement. To them, the meats of animals can be simmered, boiled, or fried. Whatever kinds of cooking, the food gains scores for its bizarre taste.

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