Some Hanoi Street Food – Very Delicious But Not Many People Know

Hanoi owns the busy street food scenarios with many delicious choices, beautiful landscapes, and reasonable prices. The capital of Vietnam is where to find an uncountable number of good dishes to try and delight the palate. While some food is highly notable such as Phở Bò (rice noodle with beef), Bún Riêu (rice vermicelli with minced freshwater crabs), Bún Ốc (noodle with snails), etc., the others remain less popular yet inviting to some new visitors. The following special food – recommended by Vietnam travel guide – might enrich your next Culinary Tours in Hanoi.

#1: Phở Xào Bò (rice noodle stir-fried with beef)

Pho xao bo - rice noodle stir-fried with beef

Pho xao bo – rice noodle stir-fried with beef

In compared with “Phở Bò” (rice noodle soup with beef), the stir-fried version brings the enchanting smell at first. The ingredients of beef, vegetables, onions, egg, and noodles create the delectable set for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well. Just sit on the 6-inch stool, and order your first plate of the rice noodle stir-fried with beef and vegetable. The harmoniously flavorful and eye-catching dish can surprise some foodies effectively. While some patrons appreciate the glutinous texture, the others admire the balanced chili sauce. Though not many people know this fried version, it’s yummy indeed.

#2: Bánh Gối (Vietnamese empanada dumpling)

Banh goi - Vietnamese empanada dumpling

Banh goi – Vietnamese empanada dumpling

Hanoi owns the unique “Bánh Gối” that nowhere can compare. The cake is in the shape of a miniature pillow and includes the fillings of minced pork, taro vermicelli, mushrooms, quail eggs, etc. Once made, it delivers the crispy cover to cheer up every customer. The fragrant, crunchy, and delectable little cakes can be consumed as the favorite snacks by both locals and guests. The yellow, little cakes are often served with fresh vegetables, and fish sauce. In fact, this deep-fried “pillow cake” is the indispensable item for the Hanoian students.  The success of the dish lies in the succulent sweet-sour dipping sauce, including fish sauce, chili, sugar, lime juice, and garlic. Besides dipping the cake into the sweet-sour sauce, you can also wrap the cake with fresh lettuce and eat the whole.

#3: Nem Cua Bể (Vietnamese fried crab spring rolls)

Nem cua be - Vietnamese fried crab spring rolls

Nem cua be – Vietnamese fried crab spring rolls

The crab ingredient is very nutrient and delicious, particularly for spring rolls in Hanoi styles. “Nem Cua Bể” is one of the most outstanding highlights in Hanoi Cuisine. The dish enchants the foodies via crunchy rice paper, generous fillings of minced crab, pork, egg, carrot, bean sprout, mushroom, vermicelli, and various seasonings. As a custom, make sure you enjoy this dish with the well-spiced fish sauce, fresh vegetables and rice noodles. Be crispy and tasty, the yellow fried spring rolls in the square shape might even make you mouth-watering. The crab rolls are best to eat when being hot.

#4: Bánh Tôm (Fried shrimp cake)

Banh tom - Fried shrimp cake

Banh tom – Fried shrimp cake

Believe it or not, the fried shrimp cake can make you fall in love with Hanoi at the first bite. In fact, many foodies in Hanoi are fans of both “Pillow Cake” and “Fried Shrimp Cake.” This cake includes the shrimp filling covered by the rice flour, and then it’s deep-fried for the crispy taste. It’s a principle to eat this crunchy cake with sweet-sour fish sauce, some slices of papaya and carrot. The food stall of this cake is often packed with patrons who come for the hot and crunchy pieces, and some must say “it’s sold like a hot shrimp cake”, especially in Ho Tay Restaurant in Hanoi.

#5: Hanoi Hot Egg Coffee

Ca phe trung - Hanoi Hot Egg Coffee

Ca phe trung – Hanoi Hot Egg Coffee

The hot egg coffee is a unique and famous item in Hanoi, but not many people know how good its taste is. It makes the culinary experience different in this charming city. The drink is derived from a Vietnamese Cappuccino, and the key lies in the yolk cream. Enjoying a cup of hot egg coffee in the street food stalls delivers the authentic local lifestyle that you should not miss during Hanoi Food Tours. So, to drink like the locals, get started with the hot egg coffee!

Hanoi Culinary Experience Enchants International Foodies

Without a single doubt, Hanoi is a haven for foodies all over the world. The charming city owns numerous delicious dishes for Vietnam Food Discovery, and you might wish if only you had had a bit more time to explore all of the local delicacies. With the list of the must-try food in the city, you have the better chances for the true local culinary experience than ever. From now on, enrich your list of food in Hanoi, and eat as many items as possible when you actually set foot in the capital of Vietnam. The good preparation usually brings success. Since Hanoi is rich in street food, the walking trip promises to be full of exciting moments as you can pinpoint various good items at each step you go.

Hanoi Cuisine has been drawing many foodies to the city on daily basics. Experience the local food, eating etiquette, long-lasting charm, and friendly people is what the international foodie communities choose to do, happily. In this city, the street is the stage where lots of appetizing dishes are present and ready to serve even any time of the day. Go on Hanoi Culinary Packages, you will receive tons of joy and satisfaction to treat yourself for the everlasting memories. Pack your stuff and stop by the favorite eateries during your Hanoi Street Food Tour by walking if any. Also, some packages include the cooking sessions which give you the hands-on experiences in cooking some certain Vietnamese traditional food, plus the recipe for home practices. Various interesting things await you in Hanoi.

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