Top 5 Places to Visit in Myanmar to First-time Travelers

Myanmar is an enigmatic land blessed with beautiful and idyllic landscapes throughout the country. People might never run out of choices of where to travel in Myanmar. But for the first-time travelers, it’s best to get recommendations of the top destinations before they go. Get to know the top five places to visit in Myanmar!

#1: Inle Lake

This is the second largest lake in Myanmar, in the Shan State. Inle is known as a paradise lake in Myanmar in which people enjoy the peaceful and nature-friendly lifestyle with the unique leg-rowing style. The lake itself owns the absolute peace and beauty which is hard to find elsewhere. Simply sightseeing the sceneries, sunrise, and sunset over the Inle creates the memorable experience.

Interestingly, the tourists often stop at Nyaung Shwe to hire a boat and enjoy the boat trip around the majestic Inle Lake. The cruising time enriches your knowledge about the fishermen’s life in the local floating villages as well as many flattering corners of the site. They two biggest highlights of Inle Lake are the beautifully tranquil charm and the special leg-rowing style.

Inle Lake - one of places to visit in Myanmar

Inle Lake – one of places to visit in Myanmar

#2: The Golden Rock

For the first-time tour to Myanmar, The Golden Rock and the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda at the height of 1.100m above the sea level are big magnets to cherish. The consecrated Rock is set on the steep hill but can stand still, miraculously. Legend says that it is the Buddha’s hair keeping the Rock still there, withstanding the test of earthquakes and winds. The Rock is also covered by the golden leaves which give it the shining look even from afar. Lots of pilgrims take it a must to do homage at The Golden Rock and contemplate the imposing scenery from the hilltop.

Golden Rock - a must-see place in Myanmar

Golden Rock – a must-see place in Myanmar

#3: Mandalay

The name of Mandalay first appears to the visitors that this is the tranquil and easy town to rest, but rather, Mandalay also offers the dynamic corners with many exciting activities at night. The city is featured with the antique constructions, animated markets, appetizing food stalls, age-old villages, and very friendly residents. Eminently, Mandalay owns the famously fantastic U Bein Bridge – one of the world’s best places to view the most beautiful sunset, and the picturesque ancient Amaraputa Village.

U Bein Bridge - a place to visit in Mandalay, Myanmar

U Bein Bridge – a place to visit in Mandalay, Myanmar

#4: Yangon

Yangon has long been famous on the Myanmar tourism map. Getting there, you will be completely enchanted by the transparently blue lakes, the luxuriant parks filled with various tropical trees, and the shining Shwedagon Pagoda. The gilded Shwedagon is as impressive as any holy pagoda in the Buddha tales. Standing before the magnificent religious center, every pilgrim agrees that this is the big gem to cherish in the whole Indochina region. Besides, the system of hotels and restaurants in Yangon is even on par with the one of any big city in the world. The Yangon nightlife is energetic enough to please the party souls.

Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar

Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar

#5: Bagan

It’s said that no word can fully describe the charm of Bagan – the top antique city filled with thousands of the revered and gilded temples. Like the extensive museum of the antique and exceptional Buddhism heritages, Bagan attracts the archaeologists, pilgrims, and explorers who altogether come to contemplate, learn, and touch one of the most significant archaeological masterpieces in the world. To get around thousands of the religious attractions, the travelers can use horse carts, bicycle, bus, tuk-tuk, and especially the hot-air balloon ride. The Balloons over Bagan is amongst the best tourist activities that the whole world desires for the miraculous panorama.

Hot ballon to visit Bagan, Myanmar

Hot ballon to visit Bagan, Myanmar

If you have not decided where to go in Myanmar yet, then think of the top five of Inle Lake, The Golden Rock, Mandalay, Yangon, and Bagan. It’s greatly recommended to see any of them soon.

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