Cao Bang in Vietnam – The Authentic Trip for Landscape and People Photo Shoots

Cao Bang in Vietnam is the beautiful mountain area in the North of the country. The name of the area in Vietnamese itself also can show you the typical topography of the place: Cao mean high and Bang mean flat. It is really the beautiful flat land in the high elevation with amazing and romantic scenery of endless lime stone mountain, river and green bamboo along the way. Cao Bang is also the land of Tay minority people with their peaceful village with traditional house on still, that also can provide the great chance for photograph in Cao Bang.

Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang Vietnam

Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang Vietnam

Popular places for photograph in Cao Bang

Ban Gioc Waterfall

The authentic and most beautiful waterfall in Vietnam. Located right at the border between Vietnam and China, about 90 kms from Cao Bang city, the waterfall have two main parts with many small branches falling down. The most unique thing in Ban Gioc Waterfall is you can see the beautiful rice field located right on the side of the waterfall and it is really beautiful in the green color in the middle of the crop or golden color in the harvest time. Ban Gioc waterfall is of course a must in your photography tour to Cao Bang in Vietnam.

Nguom Ngao Grotto

This is can be the biggest and most beautiful grotto in mountain area in the north of Vietnam. Located inside the mountain in small valley, the grotto is 2144 m long with different parts and beautiful stalactite and stalagmite with the sound of water running in the bottom of the grotto. One of the most impressive part of the grotto is the area with the shape of stone terrace rice field.

Nguom Ngao Grotto in Cao Bang Vietnam

Nguom Ngao Grotto in Cao Bang Vietnam

Pac Bo Cave

The well-known historical place of Vietnam where Ho Chi Minh first came back to his homeland after 30 years living abroad. The scenery on the way from Cao Bang to Pac Bo is really beautiful with many photo stops along the way, and the Lenin stream at Pac Bo is also very nice for photograph.

Thang Hen Lake

The beautiful lake located 35 kms from Cao Bang in the elevation of 1000m from sea level. The Lung Tao village of Tay people on the way to the lake also can be the nice stop for photograph with beautiful green rice field as well.

Thang Hen Lake in Cao Bang Vietnam

Thang Hen Lake in Cao Bang Vietnam

Quay Son River

The river is located near Ban Gioc Waterfall with emerald green water, beautiful rice field and great shape of green bamboo and waterwheel along the river. That is a local authentic place to complete your Vietnam photography tour !

Quay Son river in Cao Bang Vietnam

Quay Son river in Cao Bang Vietnam

Hidden local villages and scenery in Cao Bang mountain area

Cao Bang is famous not only for its amazing scenery of the rice field, mountain, small trail but also its typical hidden local hill-tribe villages: Tay, Nung, Dao peoples. The only way you can access to take photograph here is taking the 3 to 4 days trekking tour along this area of Cao Bang.

The best time to take the photograph in Cao Bang

As Cao Bang is the quite flat land so you can find the rice field in most of the places in Cao Bang, so the best time for Cao Bang photography tour is also in the rice crop from February to June and from July to November.

So how many days for photography tour in Cao Bang? You need at least two days to take the photograph in Cao Bang but three days could better for pacing and photo opportunities. The journey to Cao Bang is inclusive in 8-Day North-East Vietnam Photography Tour.

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