Historical sites

Flag Towers around Vietnam

Not only represent the sovereignty of Vietnam, the flag towers are also the highlights in the urban landscape architecture today. Along the country, there are several famous FlagTowers. 1. Hanoi Flag Tower Located on Dien Bien Phu Street (Ba Dinh District, Hanoi),Hanoi Flag Tower is one of the symbols of the capital, a part of the Hanoi Citadel and a ...

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Hoa Lo Prison

Hoa Lo Prison is one of the special historical sites in the capital of Hanoi, built by French colonialists in 1896 in order to imprison the Vietnamese patriotic soldiers who fought against the French colonialists. French name of this prison at that time is Maison Centrale. The name Hoa Lo, commonly translated as “fiery furnace” or even “Hell’s hole”, also ...

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