Mekong Delta in Vietnam – Green and Peaceful Place for Picture Taking Trip

Mekong Delta is the biggest delta in Vietnam that 60% of rice in Vietnam coming from. The delta is not only famous about rice but also about the rich and green orchard garden that provides the best quality of tropical fruit in Vietnam. This is also the land of rivers and canals with countless bridges and water everywhere. People have a simple but happy life here that reflects so well on the smile on their faces. The green and peaceful place will provide you many photo opportunities on your Vietnam photography tour to Mekong Delta.

Chau Doc Market in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Chau Doc Market in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Popular places for taking photograph in Mekong Delta

Floating markets in Mekong Delta

These are unique market just can be found in Mekong Delta. People travel for 70 kms up and down stream for buying and selling local product on their boat, as well as their floating home. In the morning, they gather together at the floating market for selling in the whole their product to local people, and then the local small boats will carry their product for retail selling in the local market. Three best floating markets for taking photograph in Mekong Delta is Cai Rang, PhungHiep and Nga Nam Market.

Tra Su Forest

The beautiful mangrove forest located about 20 kms from Chau Doc. It is also the bird sanctuary with very wide variety of colorful birds and other animals can be found here: storks, bats, snakes, and turtles. Most of the visit will be on local boat along the peaceful canal under the shade of beautiful and green trees. Tra Su is quite unique scenery for talking photograph in Mekong delta and you should not miss it if you have a chance to visit to Chau Doc.

Bang Lang Bird Sanctuary

located about 50 kms from Can Tho City, this is perfect place for people who want to take the photograph of nature and birds – mostly stork and egret. The best time for taking photos here is in the late afternoon for the best lighting and the birds also start coming back to the sanctuary after a day out.

The Brick Kiln

The traditional Brick Kiln in Mekong Delta that use the rice hush as the fuel for burning the brick. The Kiln has very unique and interesting shape for photograph. The lighting and activities of the workers in the factory also very nice for you photos shooting.

The cruise along Mekong River and small canal

It will be the great chance for taking photograph along the river with the daily life activities of local people on the river as well as along the bank of the river.

The rice field and local orchard garden

Two very typical scenery and products from Mekong Delta that can provide you the popular images of Mekong Delta.

The local workshop

Where you can take very interesting photos to show the process of local people making their authentic products such as: popcorn, poprice, rice paper or coconut candy.

The amazing rice field and sugar palm in Chau Doc

This is surely one of the best scenery in Mekong Della. The best photos you can take here is during rice crop or at the harvest with farmer and cows or water buffalos on the field in beautiful background of green or yellow.

The fish farm on Mekong River at Chau Doc

The local raising the fish in the farm under their floating house in the middle of the river. Fishery is the main income of An Giang Province. This can be the great venue for taking photograph in Chau Doc.

The ox racing festival in Chau Doc

The ox racing festival is the most attractive activities in Mekong Delta to take photograph and there are many photos taken from this festival won the price in the international competition.

What is the best time for Mekong Delta Photography Tour ?

Most of the time of the year can be good for taking photograph in Mekong Delta. But around the lunar New Year time, the floating market and the flower garden in Mekong Delta can be the most beautiful for photograph

How many days you need for Mekong Delta photography tour ? To take the photos in all the venues above, you need at least 4 days in Mekong Delta in Vietnam. But the perfect time will be in one week.

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