Vietnam Travel Restrictions 2022 – Reopen from Mar 15

Vietnam travel restrictions 2022 to know after the reopening of Vietnam’s tourism industry: February 15, reopening international flights to and from Vietnam and March 15, fully open to international tourism.

It’s been notified that the sky reopens, and people can travel through the air on international flights to Vietnam. The airlines are starting to rebuild their services to and from Vietnam, thanks to the government’s announcement to loosen restrictions on the overseas flight routes and visitor entry on February 15. This also means Vietnam Tours will soon resume strongly from now toward the end of this March. Friendly welcoming the overseas tourists, the country will soon win international attention towards its attractions. Before you go, make sure to prepare yourself with good knowledge of international flight schedules, routes, quarantine regulations, and the timelines for touring in Vietnam!

Reopen the international flight routes from and to Vietnam from 15 February

According to Vietnam Airlines, they have tried to resume the commercial international routes carrying passengers to Vietnam from other markets. The aviation industry is ready to exploit the whole international flight network, as same as the time before the Covid-19 outbreak. There will be soon no limit on the flight schedules like the time “before the Covid.” Since January, there have been 7/9 countries that have opened their international flights to Vietnam, namely the United States, Japan, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, and South Korea. And, as of the current time, the authorities of 15 countries and territories have acknowledged the regular flights to Vietnam, including Australia, the United States, the UK, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, France, Germany, and Russia. So, you see, transporting by air to and from Vietnam has become possible for travelers abroad.

According to the set plan, the frequency of Vietnam international flights will soon expand while securing the safety, flexibility, and productive control of the Covid-19 pandemic. Making it easy for tourism recovery and other traveling needs, there will be more flights to and from Vietnam since March 2022.

Travel to Vietnam in 2022 (photo AFP)

Reopen the Vietnam international tourism from 15 March

According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, Vietnam tours and services will be in the “new normal” state from 15 March. Travelers all over the world can fly to the country and explore the local destinations as the tourism activities will reopen in the coming time.

Regarding the issuance of the Vietnam Visa, previously, the country exempted visas unilaterally for 13 countries and bilaterally for 88 countries/territories. Nonetheless, due to the Covid-19 outbreak in 2020 and the increase of infected cases in other countries, the government has ordered to stop implementing the visa exemption policy. In the “new normal” state, the ministries have agreed that from 15 March, they will stop implementing the restrictive measures on Vietnam Visa issuance. In that sense, the procedures will work as same as the time before the pandemic, including issuing the paper visas, e-Visa, unilateral and bilateral visa exemption. Also, for the international passengers entering via air, those with suspected symptoms must take a rapid Covid-19 test at the airports. Those without the symptoms can get to the pre-registered accommodation and self-isolate within 24 hours. For people entering via land, they will take a rapid test at the border gate before entry. What’s more, the international visitors need to pay insurance in order to get the premium of USD 10,000 (around USD 30/person on average) in case of undergoing Covid treatment in Vietnam.

Vietnam Travel Restrictions 2022: Covid-19 Test and Vaccination

Before departure

You’re required to possess a negative RT-PCR test within 72 hours (or a negative rapid Covid test within 24 hours) by the entry time into Vietnam (excluding children below 2 years old). For the fully vaccinated passengers, make sure you bring your Covid Vaccination Certificate (aka Proof of Vaccination or Covid Vaccine passport). For those who recovered from the illness in 6 months, remember to keep your Covid Recovery Certificate. People who have not received the full dose of the vaccine must prepare a confirmation of hotel reservation for the 7-day quarantine regulations. In addition, all visitors must do a medical declaration before the flight.

After entry

It NO longer requires passengers to do a rapid Covid-19 test upon their arrival at the airports. Yet, it’s a must to follow the precaution measures and the 5K message including “Khau trang” (facemask) – “Khu khuan” (disinfection) – “Khoang cach” (Distance) – “Khong tu tap” (No gathering) – “Khai bao y te” (Health declaration).

Vietnam Travel Restrictions 2022 (photo TheStar)

Quarantine Regulations when you are in Vietnam

First, those who have received the full dose of the vaccine and those who recovered from Covid-19 just need to self-monitor their health at their places of residence for 24 hours (from the entry date). Since January 2022, those with the certified Proof of Vaccination or the Covid Recovery Certificate are NOT required to quarantine. It’s said that the plan is to remove quarantine restrictions from 15 Mar 2022 so that international guests can enjoy traveling in Vietnam, just like the time “before the Covid.”

Next, those who have not had enough vaccinations and have not been vaccinated will need to follow the quarantine regulations for 07 days from the date of entering Vietnam. On the 3rd and the 7th days of the quarantine period, the test sample for RT-PCR medical examination will be taken. After the test result is negative, keep self-monitoring your health for 14 days. Note that you will give payment to your testing, medical quarantine, examination, and treatment if any. Another important note is that after your international flights, you can immediately start your domestic flights without a need to quarantine in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi.

So are there Vietnam Travel Restrictions 2022? As there are no borders or restrictions to fly to Vietnam from now on, be nimble-footed to carry out your travel plans, which might have been postponed due to the deadly virus outbreak. Vietnam is still beautiful, friendly, and charming, as the time you visited. If you’re missing her charm, it’s time to decide on the best Vietnam destinations you’re longing to explore or even dreaming about while being at home during such a long period. As Vietnam international flights and Vietnam Tours reopen, it’s your turn to rewind via traveling!

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