Lang Toi – My Village Show for Beautiful Cultural Experience in Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi Vietnam is rich in culture, and Lang Toi – My Village show is one of the most outstanding cultural performance that is worth the ticket. In Hanoi Opera House and Hanoi Vietnam Tuong Theater, this must-see cultural show will be performed in the fixed schedule that calls foreign visitors to book the seats to cherish the art on the stage. It makes your travel to Hanoi full of excitement by night.

Lang Toi My Village Show in Hanoi Vietnam

Lang Toi My Village Show in Hanoi Vietnam

Lang Toi – My Village: the fantastic Vietnamese cultural show with three key features

This cultural show owns three key features that make it praiseworthy and worth watching.

First, the poetic Vietnamese village life of farming, fishing, gathering, etc., is reproduced by using the graceful strokes. Each object on the stage has its own function and artists make the full use of them via the attractive scenes. In some moments, audiences might feel like they are visiting the actual Vietnamese countryside village settings which are friendly, charming, and peaceful.

Second, the awesome contemporary cirque comes to the stage skillfully thanks to the talented artists who master the art of the acrobatics, contortion, and juggling. Stunning and graceful, these skills win the audience’s praises and keep their attention long till the last minutes of the show. Sometimes, the group of people watching the show will say “wow” when the artists make the fascinatingly acrobatic movements amid the Vietnamese village scenes. The use of light color adds many incredible visual effects to the play.

Third, the exotic live music will be played throughout the show, and there might include even 20 different bamboo music instruments. All instruments on the stage are made from bamboo which symbolizes the sturdiness, endurance, and fortitude of the Vietnamese generations. Also, in Lang Toi, the bamboo is modernized to represent the youth, flexibility, uprightness, and solidarity. The expert musical scholars and artists are on the stage to marvel the audiences who soon fall in love with the Vietnamese music rhythm. While the storyline is appealing, the well-organized and stunningly performance will convince you of its attractiveness, from acrobatics to dancing and every skillful movement in between.

Làng Tôi - My Village Show in Hanoi

Làng Tôi – My Village Show in Hanoi

Lang Toi – My Village: the famous Vietnamese cultural show performed throughout the world

This cultural show in Hanoi has been being performed in many other countries in the world, with more than 300 shows in Nederland, France, German, Belgium, Hungary, Spanish, Greece, and Hong Kong. The show describes the peaceful and charming picture of the northern Vietnamese villages from the early morning when the chicken starts crowing, the kids are playing outdoors while their parents are working on the farms. The village scenes also include the images of the farmers who are using the bamboo pipe to smoke during the in-between time beneath the big tree shade in the scorching summer noon.

What’s more, the Lang Toi Show introduces the lovely images of the Vietnamese couples who are dating in the bamboo bridges under the twinkling starry sky. With the new circus techniques, bamboo becomes the soul of the show, the “storyteller”, and the powerful tool to change the scenes that connect the artists and musicians on the stage. The folk-songs and traditional bamboo musical instruments seem to find the right place to expose and show off the magic that enchants audiences.

Lang Toi becomes hot trend Vietnamese cultural show!

Lang Toi Vietnamese cultural show

Gaining the great reputation in the worldwide contexts and positive comments on TripAdvisor, Lang Toi – My Village Show now comes back to Hanoi homeland and brings the memorable Vietnamese cultural experience to both domestic and foreign audiences. Only the quick trailer of the show can stimulate and engage the tourists to include My Village Show in Hanoi for the night activities in the tour itinerary. Get your ticket, enjoy the impressive and unique cultural show, and tell what parts of the play that you love most.

See the trailer of Làng Tôi – My Village Show

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