Memorable Day Trip To Ba Na Mountain

Situated approximately 45km west of Danang, Ba Na Mountain was reported as a summer retreat throughout the French colonial period. At present, the road to the mountain is paved smoothly that encourages visitors to invest their days off in. At the summit, there stand the remains of French villas accessible on foot that create a fantastic picture of former life on the mountain. Especially, an ancient French wine cellar can be accessed at Ba Na By Night Resort. In order to keep the wine at ideal temperature, such structure was built withstanding the test of time that makes the French put it priority.

Everything to Know about Ba Na Mountain


The mountain is coated in mist nearly all of the year, so if you visit it in the most obvious day, you get the greatest view. Informatively, March through August is the most perfect time to explore Ba Na Mountain while November and December are quite rainy. Thanks to presence of long cable car, transportation to the top is facilitated within 15 minutes. The views from the cable car are worth enjoying with density of forest (ferns and creepers) and also stretch to Cham Islands to the south and Son Tra peninsula to the north. In terms of sound, feel free to listen to bird songs and monkey calls.

Everybody that is thirsty for an extreme natural experience, it’s stimulated to contemplate the view by quickly following the route of small cable cars. There are many things to view there such as French wine cellar, nature gardens, monuments, fantasy Park and wax work museum. Right in the special museum, you witness figures of celebrities like Mick Jagger mouthed Michael Jackson and Mr. Bean. In regards to the theme parks rides in the mountain, vacationers get superior chances to enjoy full offers of bumper cars (with largest floor), 3D Mega theatre (the first), soft play area (the biggest), artificial climbing wall and drop and twist tower (the highest). In most cases, the price of entrance ticket only includes a few of these offers.


Being immersed into cloudy covers, the summit of Ba Na Mountain is extremely heavenly and beautiful. Anyway, please note that the natural scenery is most worth exploring in a sunny day when the views are best. Your daytrip is awesome with better visibility. Along the highway, it is feasible to get rewarded with the tiring bike trip. Enjoy sounds of the jungle and perceive the views away from the crowds; on a clear day, the sunrise at Ba Na Mountain brings you out of the world. It makes up a greatly different story for a lifetime. Whether you are going on a public vacation or weekend, your stay on hotels available in the mountain is absolute and superb. Only the experienced riders are recommended to go to this destination by motorbike, big trucks, and speeding mini buses.

Take highway 1A north, and later take a left on Au Co Road. Don’t worry since the locals know the route clearly and get comprehensive every time you ask for Ba Na. Therefore, feel free to call for their guidance and assistance the next time you have chance to proceed to Ba Na Mountain.

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