Adventure tourism in Lam Dong, Vietnam

Zipline, climbing or white water rafting… are popular game in foreign countries but they have appeared in Vietnam in recent years. Any adventure journey to Madagui (Lam Dong Province, Vietnam) is not only a time of sightseeing, but of exploring and conquering the challenges that this natural forest offers.

Madagui is a tourist destination bearing the true distinctions of a forest city. Madagui has something more: pure, natural and green forests nestled alongside the mythical Da Huoai River. If you are interested in adventure game, Madagui really is a paradise for you.

Zipline is first adventure game inVietnam. With a total length of 1.111m, go on 20m to 40m high, past the trees and lakes and rivers, Zipline will bring intense feeling for the players. The water sports activities here are also attractive. Adventure games such as windsurfing, kayaking, and white water rafting… in abundant terrain with are unforgettable challenges for tourists.


White water rafting

For the beginners, you can start with the grass skiing on the green hills. Moreover, jungle explore tour also brings unexpected experiences and interesting lessons about jungle world. Besides, do not miss the fascinating strategy game training handling situations and team spirit like paintball or try your marksmanship with shooting sport.



How to travel to Madagui?

Madagui is located in km152, Highway 20, quarter 1, Madagui town, Da Huoai District, Lam Dong Province. It is about 125km far from Ho Chi Minh City and 142km from Da Lat. Therefore, you can go by motorbike, car or by bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat.

Or you can go by airplane to Lien Khuong airport in Da Lat then travel by taxi or bus to Madagui.

Where to stay?

Tourists can stay right at Madagui tourist site or at local hostel. If you want to relax or enjoy private space, you should choose to stay at villas in Madagui. If go with small group, you can stay in family room with 6 people per room. Or with a large group, tourists can go camping and stay at tents.

Do not miss to enjoy delicious local specialties such as dishes from freshwater local fish and wild vegetables.


By Mai Phuong

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