Flower villages around Hanoi

Planting flowers is a traditional profession and the capital of Hanoi has many famous flower villages such as Ngoc Ha, Nghi Tam, Nhat Tan, Quang Ba… Most of these villages are located along the West Lake, a famous scenic of Ha Noi. Each year, on the occasion of the New Year, under the spring rain, the streets of Hanoi are crowded with loads of colorful flowers.

Referring to the traditional flower villages in Hanoi, people speak the most of Ngoc Ha, Nghi Tam, Nhat Tan, Quang Ba… They are the most famous ancient flower villages of Hanoi. Ngoc Ha had become a flower village of Hanoi since the establishment of capital city. This village has developed continuously by the experience of history and time, and has always been considered as a big flower village supplying fresh flowers for Thang Long – HanoiCity and its vicinity, with variety kinds of flowers. For example: rose, daisy, Madonna lily, carnation, gladiolus, violet… Nghi Tam, Quang Ba and Nhat Tan are very crowded on Tet holidays. Nghi Tam and Quang Ba villages are famous for planting kumquat trees while Nhat Tan is known for peach-blossom. These villages also plant some expensive kinds of flowers like sunflower, lily…

Nhat Tan Peach-blossom village on Tet holidays

However, overtime, Hanoi has come into its times of modernization and industrialization. Due to the expansion of city and fast growth of population, those traditional flower villages are getting limited. Ngoc Ha village almost disappears, the flowers-growing area of Nhat Tan, Nghi Tam, Quang Ba villages remains only in small gardens between the buildings.

Nghi Tam flower village in the past

Quang Ba and Nghi Tam villages are still the popular places to those who want to find beautiful kumquat trees or some special flowers on Tet holiday, although the planting area is now smaller and smaller

Meanwhile, about 30 kilometers around Hanoi, there are some new flower villages in recent years, such as Tay Tuu, Me Linh, Kim Chung, Phu Thuong, etc.

Tay Tuu flower village

Tay Tuu village is located about 15 kilometers from the center of Hanoi to the west. The village changed from rice cultivation into flower production since 1994. There are more than 1,000 households in the village and about 40% of the total is planting flowers. Beside the varieties of seasonal flowers, so familiar to the population of Hanoi like rose, yellow and white chrysanthemums, peony, violet…, they have tried to import many kinds of stranger flowers, such as queen, prince and princess chrysanthemums, marigold, Dalat rose, French rose…

Me Linh flower village

Me Linh village is known for a long time for planting flower. It actually became a part of Hanoi since 2008, when Hanoi was expanded. As Tay Tuu flower village, Me Linh village is planting many kinds of flowers but roses and daisies occupie approximately 80%. You can go to Me Linh flower village by motorbike or take a bus along the North of Thang Long – Noi Bai highway.


and rose are two main kinds of flower planting in Me Linh village

The quality of flowers grown in villages around Hanoi is getting higher. Flower is native product with its own economic value as well as cultural and artistic value. Hanoi is actually taking an interest in planning the development of flower-growing in the suburbs in order to set up a flower ring around Hanoi, making the “city of peace” more colourful.

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