Traditional Quat Dong Village Hanoi for Masterly Rich Embroidery

The traditions of lace embroidery have been well preserved in Quat Dong Village Hanoi which is worth visiting and cherishing the aesthetic art. Located in Thuong Tin District, around 20km from the south of Hanoi, this village is where to discover the 17th-century embroidery art of the old Vietnam and find various beautiful and rich designs which are on sale.

Quat Dong Embroidery Village in Hanoi

Quat Dong Embroidery Village in Hanoi

Visit the Embroidery Village Hanoi of Quat Dong

Only with a needle, thread, and fabric, the Quat Dong embroiderers can create the fabulous designs stitched into cloth. This is a matchless and elegant art which only a few can compare. History said that the father of Vietnamese embroidery was Mr. Tran Quoc Khai who was born in Quat Dong Village on the 12th of the 1st lunar month, 1606. After the embassy trip to China, he learned the technique and then trained the local people. Honoring his merits, people took his birthday as the day to commemorate the father of embroidery.

In this village, embroidery is still the main trade, only after agriculture. Villagers might be trained the art from the early ages, especially the females. It’s estimated that the embroidery takes 50% of the average income of the whole commune. In return, the Quat Dong villagers are dedicated to their traditional trade. When they are at leisure, they will practice embroidering at home. The art is so popular that every house has at least one embroidery frame. Some families even have five or seven generations that follow this practice. The little girls are likely to be trained by their mothers how to needle and create the designs stitched into cloth. Then, when growing up, most of them become the professional artists.

People are embroidering at Quat Dong Village

Local embroiders are working at Quat Dong Village

Find the Masterly Embroidery in Quat Dong Village

Together with embroidery, local villagers also practice sewing, assembling bags, attaching buttons on the embroidered cloth. Therefore, this village turns to be the captivating embroidery haven to find various delicate fashionable items. In fact, the Quat Dong Embroidery is available at more than 20 countries, especially in Japan, Korea, Thailand, France, England, United States of America, etc. Not only do the villagers work as the artists, but they also become the teachers who train later generations about the genuine embroidery.

At embroidery painting gallery in Quat Dong Village Hanoi

At embroidery painting gallery in Quat Dong Village Hanoi

Witnessing how the villager embroiders, many of the foreign guests admire the wonderful art which makes the simple cloth marvelous and aesthetic one. The magic lies in the small needle and the colorful threads which create the admirable patterns onto the cloth. This is a unique art that only those who love and appreciate the embroidery can do. Without the career passion, ones cannot sit for hours and use the needle to stitch the designs into the cloth aesthetically. You might know somebody who can embroider but none can do it better than the Quat Dong artists.

The manually embroidered pictures in this village are the fantastic items to admire. The designs stitched onto the cloth can be flowers, a beautiful woman, countryside landscape, folktale scenes, etc. To make it, the artist must first make a sketch of the scene by using a pencil. This helps them to frame what to be embroidered, but during the process, the sketch is subject to change. The popular threads used are in colors of blue, green, red, violet, and yellow. Also, common designs are of grass, precious tree, lovely animals (bee, dragon, butterfly, tiger, turtle, bird, etc.), tourist attractions (Halong Bay, Hue Imperial City, One-pillar Pagoda, Ngoc Son Temple, etc.), rural landscapes including flocks of chicken, buffaloes, pigs, the ancient villages with old boats, well, banyan tree, and so on.

The video introduces Quat Dong Embroidery Village Hanoi Vietnam

In the modern markets that embroidery can be done by machines, the manual art in Quat Dong Embroidery Hanoi is praiseworthy and matchless. It is a Hanoi traditional village which seems to only exist in the legendary tales to discover.

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