Ha Giang in Vietnam – Rich Ethnic Culture and Unique Rock Plateau Scenery

Ha Giang in Vietnam is the far most province in the North of the country. This province is one of the most scenic provinces in the mountain area with spectacular mountain, authentic hill tribe people, amazing terrace rice field and local ancient towns. You can find all of authentic features of mountain area on the photography tour to Ha Giang. Even it take a day to travel to Ha Giang from Hanoi, but it really worth to take along drive here as the your photos taken on this trip will never make you disappointed.

Nung People in Dong Van, Ha Giang Province

Nung People in Dong Van, Ha Giang Province

Interest venues for taking photograph in Ha Giang

Hoang Su Phi Terrace Rice Field

Together with Mu Cang Chai, Hoang Su Phi is one of the most spectacular terrace rice fields in Vietnam. The best time for taking photograph Hoang Su Phi Terrace Rice Field is in the rice crop from June to October from the starting of the crop to the green rice on the field and ending with amazing yellow color of rice at the harvest.

The village of Tay people in Ha Giang

Even Ha Giang is quite big town but there is still many beautiful tradition villages of Tay people located around the town, that can be very interesting for photograph. Some great local village for taking photograph is Me, Thon Tha or Chien Thang village.

Noong Lake

Noong Lake is a very beautiful and special lake located about 16 km from Ha Giang. After beautiful drive along the beautiful scenery and local village of Tay People, Noong lake will appear just like the eye of northern mountain area. The water is quite shallow but you can take a boat ride or rafting on the lake. There are many trunks of trees still on the lake that creates very beautiful and unique scenery of the lake. The best time for taking photograph here is early in the morning or late afternoon, before sunset.

Quan Ba – the gate to the heaven

One of other very scenic spot in Ha Giang. In the mountain area, if the road leading to the top of the pass then you can view the great scenery, the local people call it “the gate to the heaven”. From here, you can take the great photos of the famous twin Mountain in Quan Ba.

The pine forest in Yen Minh

 Yen Minh is the small town located about 100 km from Ha Giang. One the way driving from Quan Ba to Yen Minh, you can see the beautiful scenery of the mountain, terrace rice field and beautiful pine forest on the mountain, that can be great for taking the photograph.

Pho Cao Town

Pho Cao is very small town with very authentic village of Mong people before getting to very high pass. It can be great place for taking photos in the village or also from the pass down to this beautiful valley with amazing view.

Pho Bang town

Pho Bang is a small town located right at the Chinese border. Most of people living in the town are Han People. The town still keeps many traditional houses with different character of Han people. If you lucky enough to meet the weekly market in Pho Bang, that also can be great chance for photograph here.

Lung Cu Check Point

Lung Cu is a very well known and popular check point for local people as this is the far most point of Vietnam in the North bordered with China. For the photographer, the most interesting pass on the trip to Lung Cu can be the spectacular scenery of mountain, local villages along the way and hill tribe people.

The Palace of Hmong King

This is one of two famous palaces of Hmong King still exist in the Mountain Area. Great location, amazing architecture of wood and stone, this is also a great venue for photograph. The visit to the Palace of Hmong King Vuong Chinh Duc is a must during the photography to Ha Giang.

Dong Van town

Dong van is the well-known isolated ancient town in Ha Giang. You can easy see many old and nice house still exist in the town. The best place for taking is the streets near the old market and the village on the road on the left hand side of the market in which you can find many hundred year old houses there.

Dong Van Market

This market just opens on Sunday and is the popular place for local hill tribe gathering for socializing and shopping. This is one of the best markets in the North of Vietnam and can be the ideal place for photograph.

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass is the most spectacular pass in Vietnam with amazing scenery of the mountain, cloud and beautiful Nho Que River along the valley. You also can see Tu San – the deepest abyss in South East Asia in here too.

Meo Vac town

Meo vac is a small town located on the other side of Ma Pi Leng Pass from Dong Van. There is also very nice Sunday market in this town, smaller than Dong Van but also worth for photograph.

When is the best time for Ha Giang Photograph Tour?

There are many good times for taking photograph in Ha Giang depending on venues and season. From June to October can be the great time for taking photos in Hoang Su Phi Terrace rice field from beginning to the end of the crop. From October to December Ha Giang now is very famous for buckwheat flower, but the most impressive time could be the spring time from January to March with amazing flower of Plums, Peach Blossom, pear and mustard green.

How many days you need for the photograph tour in Ha Giang?  You need at least three days for taking photograph in all venues above in Ha Giang, but if you want to take the slow pace and discovery all the local villages, best lighting in the best place, you will need about 5 days for your photograph tour to Ha Giang in Vietnam.

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