Vietnam Festivals in August and September 2018 for Top Cultural Journeys

International tourists are deeply interested in cultural journeys, and list of Vietnam Festival in August and September 2018 can urge the actual visits. It is the heads-up that lets you know the top events of culture going to take place in the charming S-shaped country. Read Vietam Travel Guide to know where to go on this August and September to participate to colorful festivals in Vietnam.

#1: Hon Chen Temple Festival in Hue

Held twice every year, in the 3rd and the 7th lunar months, Hon Chen Festival features the spiritual and cultural preservations in Hon Chen Temple, 10km away from Hue City. This year, the event will be scheduled to take place on the 8th day of the 7th lunar month (equivalent to August 18th, 2018 of Gregorian calendar). Located on Ngoc Tran Mountain, this temple remains peaceful and revered that places the significant roles in the locals’ spiritual life. This is considered as the long-lasting folksy culture of the Hue people who live around Perfume River.

This Vietnam Festival August will involve several processions such as the God Welcoming Ceremony on the dragon boats from Hon Chen Temple to Hai Cat Communal House in which some traditional rituals will be performed. The rituals are in honor of Saint Mother Thien Y A Na. The participants can watch the performances of the “imperial characters” role-played by the local artists; myriad of the colorful costumes will come into stage. Also, the traditional music show will lighten up the atmosphere. At night, there will include some processions that shine up Perfume River with various lights. In general, Hon Chen Festival in Hue are likely to occur in three days that attracts groups of pilgrims and travelers to the poetic city. Incenses will be burnt and offerings will be given to the intangible powers.

Hon Chen Temple Festival in Hue

Hon Chen Temple Festival in Hue

#2: Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 throughout Vietnam

Every year, the mid-autumn festival takes place throughout Vietnam, on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month (equivalent to September 24th, 2018 of the Gregorian calendar). Dedicated to worshipping the Moon Genie, this colorful festival is featured with the boundless well-lit lanterns as well as the electronic lanterns that shine up the whole regions. On the night when the moon is full, the Vietnamese people across the country will celebrate the event by going out to have fun, showing off their beautiful well-lit lanterns, eating candies and Mooncakes, etc. Some local families take this event for family gathering. While kids are happy with their toys and gifts, the adults enjoy Mooncakes and mingle with each other via various stories to tell.

The most special thing of this Vietnam special festival can be the lanterns which can appear in various shapes such as the dragon’s head, lion’s head, rabbit, etc. Also, the lanterns can be made from various materials like carton papers, plastics, bamboo plates, and more. Often, parents nowadays buy the ready-to-use plastic toys with batteries for their kids to play. Some folksy games will be played such as seek-and-hide, lantern marching, and lion dancing. If foreigners have a chance to join this welcome-the-moon party at night, they will agree that this is one of the most colorful events of culture in the world.

Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam

Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam

#3: Kiep Bac Festival 2018 in Hai Duong

This is an annual festival held in Kiep Bac Temple of Hai Duong Province, lasting from the 15th to the 20th of the 8th lunar month. The event is dedicated to worshipping Tran Quoc Tuan General who served under the Tran Dynasty and became famous for the merits of defeating the Chinese Nguyen – Mong invaders three times. Also, he was proclaimed as a Saint Tran and worshipped by the locals as well as pilgrims from other regions.

On the festive days are various elaborate worshipping processions that show the cultural and religious beliefs of the old Vietnamese. Guests will be much interested in the traditional royal costumes of the role-play characters, the exciting boat racing, the sounds of drums, and more.

Kiep Bac Festival in Hai Duong Province

Kiep Bac Festival in Hai Duong Province

Experience festivals in Vietnam if you travel there to feel how the locals attend and celebrate their events of culture and religion. Enjoy festivities as the locals do!

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