Hanoi in Vietnam – Charming city for photography tour round year

Hanoi in Vietnam is the city of green tree and beautiful lakes. The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is also so called “the Paris of the East” due to the strong influence of French culture and architecture in this city. With over one thousand year history and culture, Hanoi is one of the most scenic cities in Vietnam to take photograph. Authentic, scenic, romantic, lifelike, dynamic, it can be the ideal place for any photographer to discover and taking the great photos of Hanoi in Vietnam.

Hanoi in Vietnam

Hanoi in Vietnam

Hanoi in Vietnam: Places for a successful Hanoi Photography Tour

Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is the must see place for your Hanoi Photography Tour. The area with longest tradition in the city that local people inhabit here from thousand years ago. The area still remains many old houses and the streets from hundred years ago, that can be great background for many photos. Many streets still keep the old customs of selling only one kind of good, so after long time, the name of the product also turned to be the name of the street. The local people living their busy but very dynamic life in this area that you can find in any part of the street. The local people having breakfast or coffee along the small restaurant on the pavement, the vendor selling thing on their bicycle or tradition bamboo pole and basket, the hustle and bustle traffic and many local shop along the street side.

Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi

This well-known bridge also so called “the Eiffel Bridge” as it had been designed by the famous man from Paris. For such a long time, this used to be the only bridge crossing the Red River. The bridge having very similar construction from steel like Eifel tower in Paris and now used only for train, motorbikes and bicycle. The activities along the bridge with the impressive background of the steel structure can be unique for the photo of Hanoi. Under the bridge in the middle, they have the stairs to go down the island in the middle of Red River. The local people have half of the years to cultivate some crop before the flood coming up. Some others local living on the boat house by the side of the island as the special features of Hanoi.

Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi (Photo credit: Nguyen Minh Son)

Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi (Photo credit: Nguyen Minh Son)

French Quarter in Hanoi

The French Quarter will show you the special character of Hanoi with very strong influences of French. This is one of the biggest reasons why Hanoi so called “the Paris of the East” with more than 7200 French villas still remained. Some of the streets you can see all the French villas along, that created very different and special character of Hanoi. Some of the best street for taking photograph is Phan Dinh Phung, Dien Bien Phu or Tran Phu Street.

Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the highlights of Hanoi. Located right in the central of the city, this is very scenic and exiting places for taking photograph. One of the best times for taking photos here is in the early morning when you can see thousands of local people coming here for doing exercise or Taichi in the dawn. The Turtle tower and The Huc (sunshine bridge) with Pen tower and Ngoc Son Temple at the lake is also the famous symbols of Hanoi. In the summer time, the lake also so called as the bouquet of flower of Hanoi.

Hanoi West Lake

Hanoi West Lake is the biggest lake of the city with circumference of 16 kms. This is also very scenic place with beautiful road running around the shore of the lake. Along the lake, there are many places for good photograph such as Tran Quoc Pagoda, Quan Thanh Temple, and the lotus lake in the summer time, Thanh Nien road or the beautiful scenery on the road around the lake. This is also the popular place in the morning that many local people riding their bicycle around the lake.

Sunset at the West Lake in Hanoi (Photo credit: Bac Kieu Phong)

Sunset at the West Lake in Hanoi (Photo credit: Bac Kieu Phong)

Ceramic Road in Hanoi

The Ceramic Road is very interesting project for celebrating 1000 years old of Hanoi. The city created more than 2000m of the mosaic road along the dyke with many different style of decoration. This is longest mosaic road in the world and is unique character of Hanoi. The best photos can be taken here is the candid photograph of local people with very interesting background of mosaic road.

Bat Trang Ceramic Village near Hanoi

Located only 15 kms from Hanoi on the bank of Red River, Bat Trang is the most well-known ceramic village in Hanoi. From 15th century, the village supplied the ceramic in all over of Vietnam with great quality. The hidden ancient part of the village is the best place for photograph with narrow and authentic alleys, the local ceramic workshop, the communal house of the village and also the ceramic market can be ideal place to take the photos in the village.

Quang Ba Hanoi Flower Market

The Quang Ba Hanoi Flower Market opens from 1 AM to 6 AM in the morning for selling the most fresh and strongest flower for the city. This is very busy and bustling places with many different kind of flower, mostly from Hanoi but also some imported from other provinces or countries. One of the best times to take the photograph here is from 5 AM to 6 AM when the market is in the busiest time and you also can take the photo of local vendors taking the flower form market to the city on the basket on the back of their bicycle. This is very unique image of Hanoi.

Quang Ba Hanoi Flower Market

Quang Ba Hanoi Flower Market

Temple of Literature in Hanoi

Being known as the central of culture of Hanoi, the Temple of Literature itself is just like the harmony combination of the beautiful park and the traditional architecture. Built in 1070, the temple Van Mieu still remains the amazing stone dragon from 15th century, Khue Van Pavilion – the symbol of Hanoi and the best wood carving in 15th century in Hanoi. The great house of ceremony that worship to Confucius with beautiful altar and incense burner also very good place for photograph. You also can see many old trees that also can be great for photograph in the Temple of Literature.

Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi

Dong Xuan Market is the biggest whole sales market in Hanoi. The market still remains the impressive gate built from French time. The market having quite impressive part selling food as well as pet and the dry food.

Ngoc Ha Village in Hanoi

Ngoc Ha Village is the former flower village of Hanoi that still remains the great community sense of the village. Like the Oasis of the city, the walk to the village will provide you the great experiences of the daily life of local people in the village. The Huu Tiep Lake, where you can see the wreckage of B52 that was shot down in Christmas Bombing in 1972 can be a surprise for you on this walk.

Chau Long Market in Hanoi

One of the very lifelike markets in Hanoi. Located near Hanoi Old Quarter, Chau Long market is selling most of the typical food for local people in Hanoi, from fish, seafood, meat poultry to vegetable. All are so fresh and attractive for photograph.

Hanoi Botanical Garden

Hanoi Botanical Garden had been created by French from more than hundred years ago when they occupied the city with many trees introduce from the other countries and they are all older than 100 years now. Very scenic park with old tree and beautiful lake. If you come here in the morning, you also can see hundreds of people doing exercise, Tai Chi, running or jogging too. The lighting in the park in the morning also very interesting. The best time for taking photos here is in the morning and golden moment in the late afternoon. There is the small hill call Khan Mountain also very good for the view over to the park.

Reunification Park in Hanoi

The former name of the Reunification Park is Lenin Park. This is the biggest park in Hanoi with beautiful lake and beautiful island and trees. There are two beautiful islands on the lake and lots of opportunities for daily life and candid photograph on this park.

Hanoi in Vietnam : The best time for Hanoi Photography Tour

Hanoi is very well-known as the city of four seasons so any time of the year also can be very good time for taking photograph in this city. But the most impressive season for Hanoi photography tour could be the autumn when the city was covered by the honey sunlight with blues sky and beautiful weather. The summer can be very colorful with different flowers blossoming in the city. The spring time can be romantic with little drizzle and many spring flowers as well as green bud from the trees and the winter can be quite impressive with vintage and classic theme of photograph.

How many days you need for the photography tour in Hanoi ? You need to have at least two days for photograph tour in Hanoi. One early morning to take photograph in Flower market and Hoan  Kiem Lake, and the other morning to take photograph in the Old Quarter and Long Bien Bridge. You can spend one day to take the photo in Hanoi city and the other day to take the photo in the rural area around Hanoi. Just spending your time to wander along the Old Quarter or French Quarter of Hanoi, you also will have chances to take many photos from this city.

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