Tips to Avoid the Nightmare Cruise nearby Halong Bay

For travelers who ask how to visit the beautifully pristine trails nearby Halong Bay in a satisfactory way, there are the less touristy islands to see, but the trip needs some tips. Not only do the recommended islands below own pristine conditions, but they are very charming and fabulous that urge the nature lovers to check in. The unspoiled and peaceful atmosphere associated with the joyful activities in these off-the-beaten-track shelters enables you to rejuvenate. The last section offers practical tips to avoid the nightmare cruise nearby Halong Bay.

Cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay near Halong Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay near Halong Bay

Whenever you’re afraid of the touristy crowd in Halong Bay, think of the less-traveled Bai Tu Long Bay which is somehow on par with the celebrated Wonder in terms of natural beauty. The difference lies in the fact that this recommended Bay is off-the-beaten-track for the unique experiences away from the packed tourist spots. So if you need the private and stunning hideaway, cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay is an ideal thing to do.

Even now, this Bay looks untouched and captivating which ensures the happy and private cruise trip. Also, this faraway trail is beautified with several must-see spots namely Vung Vieng Fishing Village, Cong Do Area, Thien Canh Son Cave, Cong Dam Area, Da Xep Park, and Tra Gioi Beach. What’s more, around the corners are the stunning beaches at the islands of Ngoc Vung, Quan Lan, Cong Dong, and Cong Tay. The opening of Bai Tu Long Bay National Park delivers the real ecotourism effects.

There are packages for cruising in Bai Tu Long Bay on the luxurious Junks which guarantee comfort. Included in the cruise itineraries are the activities of kayaking to the limestone towers, visiting the floating fishing villages, explore caves of ancient stalagmites and stalactites, having BBQ parties on the beaches, etc.

Enjoy New Cruise Itinerary in Lan Ha Bay (Cat Ba Island)

Lan Ha Bay near Halong Bay

Lan Ha Bay near Halong Bay

Lan Ha Bay is nestled in the south of Halong Bay and in the east of Cat Ba Island. This lovely landmark owns the imposing and pristine beauty to captivate visitors, often at first sight. “Pristine and marvelous” are what people often use to describe this Bay that covers about 400 islands of different sizes and shapes. The pure loveliness of the Bay named “Lan Ha” inspires the “so-deep” photographs, the boundless romance for honeymooners, and the endless inspiration for the nature fanciers.

The best thing to do in Lan Ha Bay is to contemplate the untouched beauty of the blue sea, yellow sunlight, and white sand. All natural elements make up the picturesque landscapes that keep feasting eyes during days and nights. Especially in February and March, the spring mist covers the limestone formations, showing them with the fairylike scenery and making you feel like exploring the fairyland. Next, make sure you swim on some of the best beaches around such as Cat Dua, Cat Co, Co Tien, Van Ha, Van Boi, Ben Beo, etc. As being unspoiled by tourism, this Bay delivers the tranquil vibe to relax, rest, and meditate. Sometimes, the wave rhythms can calm your mind.

There is the new cruise itinerary in Lan Ha Bay run by the luxury Junks that are set apart from the touristy corners of Halong Bay. This cruise trip takes you to the mystic and stunning grottoes such as Ham Rong Cave, Do Cung Cave, Ca Cave, and Tung Gau Cave. The programs will also cover the time for kayaking and exploring the nearby Monkey Island spotlighted with the incredible coral fragments and the shining white sand. And, to get the real Halong Luxury Cruises, find the tips below. There might also include the visit to the tranquil Van Gia Floating Village that is famous for the hundred-of-year households, the traditional fishing ways, the original local lifestyle, and the untamed seascape. If wanted, just hire a motorbike to Viet Hai Village to view the thatch-roofed and antique houses set amidst the green and lush rice fields.

Tips to Avoid the Nightmare Cruise nearby Halong Bay

The glossy brochure Ms Ryan was shown before she boarded the 'horror' cruise

The glossy brochure Ms Ryan was shown before she boarded the ‘horror’ cruise

Some of you might hear the story about a terrible cruise trip of an Australian traveler, Lynne Ryan, who got the bad tours of USD100/person that turned the dream holiday to be a mess. While the advertised brochure of the cruise was glossy and luxurious, the fact was the shabby ship with broken air-conditioner, dirty cabins, cockroaches on the toilet floor, etc. The trip on the Hoang Phuong 16 Ship was shockingly different from the expectations, so Lynne wrote on her Facebook with the Heading of “Horror Trip, Halong Bay” to warn other travelers.

The Quang Ninh Authorities did investigate the case and find out that Lynne Ryan bought the 2-day 1-night Halong Bay Tour from Spring Travel Agency (in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi) on May 2 – May 3, 2018. This Australian traveler was taken to Tuan Chau Port (Halong) but not to visit Halong Bay from this port. Instead, she was transferred to a ferry to Gia Luan (Cat Hai, Hai Phong District) and embarked Hoang Phuong 16 Ship to sail around Cat Ba Island. The pictures she took were of the Hoang Phuong 16 Ship and the sceneries are of Cat Ba Island, not of Halong Bay. Regarding the legality of this ship, it used to work in Halong Bay, but since August 28, 2017, People’s Committee of Halong City ordered to stop the services of this ship in Halong because its active area was moved to Hai Phong.

It is really a mess if you buy services from the unreliable travel agent, so here are tips to avoid scams:

  • Read and study comments on TripAdvisor
  • Research the other passengers’ feedback about the certain Cruises
  • Do not believe in the too cheap services. The market price for a Halong Bay Luxury Cruise is from USD 200/person/ 2-day 1-night tour.
  • Only on tourist low season May – Sep, you can have Best Halong Bay Luxury Cruises on Sales !
  • Work with the reliable travel agents to book the services.

Check in the off-the-beaten-track trails of Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay, or the famous Halong Bay, take as many “so-deep” photos as possible, gather joyful stories to tell, and apply the significant tips to avoid scams. The great feeling of escape to the picturesque Bays urges you to go.

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