Identity of Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese food recipes are great combination of beautiful sauce (fish sauce and soya sauce), very fresh material and amazing category of herb and spices. The cooking sauce also very important and this is the know how of different restaurants or family. One of very popular sauce is sweet and sour, basing on great balance of Yin and Yang in our cooking style. Most of our dishes should serve when it is still hot. Broth also very important in our meal as Vietnamese people normally do not drink during our meal, so they take the water from broth. We have lots of dishes of the noodle. In every area, there are always some special kinds of noodle that can be the identity of the palace. Fish, seafood, pork and chicken are very popular material. Chicken and beef were considered as the delicacy food. Vegetarian food is also very popular in our country, specially for the Buddhists.

There are many different cooking techniques in Vietnam, but I can list bellow some of the most popular one:

  1. Stir Fried: very simple but effective way. The farmers in Vietnam use this technique very often in their cooking.
  2. Boil: we use this allots for vegetable, seafood and pork.
  3. Stew: very popular technique that we can apply for most of the dishes and family in Vietnam. One of the famous dishes is pork stew with caramel sauce and egg.
  4. Steam: mostly apply for seafood and some vegetable like very delicacy techniques. The good example can be prawn steam in coconut milk or beer.
  5. Grill: mostly we use char coal for this techniques and this is also another delicacy cooking technique. Bun Cha – the noodle served with grill pork on the char coal and fish sauce is the most well known dish in Vietnam from this technique.
  6. Cooking in clay pot: starting from country side in the North of Vietnam as the basic technique from farmer, now it turned to be the delicacy cooking technique for the local specialty such as snail, frog, ells. fish or goat meat…..
  7. Roasting meat then bring to a simmer: in Vietnamese word: Roti as this is the technique we learnt from French and mostly apply for the meat like chicken, beef and pork.
  8. Roasting: Very popular technique but more apply for the restaurant as the delicacy food. In Mekong Delta, we have very authentic dish of chicken roasted in the big clay pot. {fcomment}
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