Lan Vuong Tourist Area in Ben Tre Mekong Delta with Various Folksy Activities

Known as the “coconut land,” Ben Tre province of Vietnam Mekong Delta owns the true elements of the southern countryside life and beautiful canal views which are well combined to establish Lan Vuong Tourist Area. While bicycle tours on village roads have become popular to foreign tourists, the folksy activities, like swinging on the ropes to cross the river, call more guests to the Mekong Delta areas.

With an area of more than 100,000 square meters, Lan Vuong Ecotourism Site is an attractive destination in Ben Tre Mekong Delta. The folksy experiences are ideal for those that love the canal view, orchard garden, and thrilling activities like boating, team-building spirit, and Vietnamese southern food.

Lan Vuong Tourist Area in Ben Tre Mekong Delta

Lan Vuong Tourist Area in Ben Tre Mekong Delta

Travel to Lan Vuong Ecotourism Site in Ben Tre Vietnam

Around 85km from Ho Chi Minh City, Lan Vuong ecotourism site is easily accessible by motorbike, car, and coach. The popular route is to follow National Road 1A – Tan Tao – Dem Market, turn into the CT01 Highway – National Road 60, and then you will see Lan Vuong signpost. Use Google map and follow the simple route. Upon your arrival, the first images that appeal to you might be the green coconut ranges. Exploring further, you will see canals and rivers that are dedicated to thrilling folksy activities of Southern Vietnamese childhood. With the extensive area and unique games, Lan Vuong grows to be the very attractive ecotourism destination in Ben Tre province. Note that this tourist site requires no entrance fee. You will only pay for the games you play and the food you eat.

Lan Vuong ecotourism site

Catch Fish game at Lan Vuong ecotourism site, travel with Vietnam travel guide

Play Folksy Activities in Lan Vuong Ben Tre

Before you play, make the trip more special by wearing “Ao Ba Ba” (a type of shirt used by Southern Vietnamese people or you can call it “loose blouse”) which are for real experiences and great photographs. Now, go barefoot and enjoy the water-based games.

First, try walking barefoot across the rustic bamboo bridge. To some individuals, this activity is not difficult, but you will never know until you try it. Experience yourself on the bamboo bridge across the river. Next, the level of difficulty increases when players are challenged to go cycling on the narrow bamboo line to cross the river. The key is to move straight the bicycle, stay balanced, and keep the moderate speed so that you will not fall into the river. Before you bike, remember to wear the soft helmet as well as other safety gadgets. It’s not easy; therefore, the common sight is that many players will fall into the water, together with bicycles. Are you a good biker? Test your ability with this folksy game if you dare to do. The local kids can pass this test with ease.

Then, whether or not you are wet, don’t miss the activity of boating in a group of two or three. You will paddle around the riverscape. The water is not so deep, and it’s safe for an adult. Kids will need the adults’ careful attention when participating in this game. Wearing “Ao Ba Ba” and boating amid the serene countryside, you’re becoming the “traditional southern Vietnamese people.” For the team building, it is designed to be the boat race in certain routes, and the team reaches the target first will be the winner.

What’s more, other fun activities are to swing on the rope to move across the river, catch fish from the dike and mud, catch ducks with covered eyes, and dig for potatoes. The waterfront Lan Vuong Tourist Site also has delicious food, open fresh space, and handicrafts for shopping, which are for you to enjoy the unique identities of the South.

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