Remember Top Things to Do in Sapa Vietnam – The Must for winter

Make sure you remember top things to do in Sapa Vietnam especially in winter during your “hunt for snow” journey. As long as you catch the opportunities to enjoy the highly suggested activities below, the trip just becomes perfect, matchless, and admirable.

Ethnic People in Sapa Vietnam

Ethnic People in Sapa Vietnam

#1: Discover Fansipan Summit – The Best Thing to Do in Sapa

December often marks the time when lots of tourists come to the lovely Town to find snow and frostiness. Titled as the “Little Paris in Vietnam,” Sapa is the best place to join the snowy venue – the precious specialty in a tropical country. Besides the snow, the cloud is another fantastic feature on the summit of Fansipan Mountain. While the presence of the snow is not sure, the “City on Cloud” is always there to surprise the travelers. So, buy the cable car ticket to reach the top of Fansipan. You can even find a magnificent city on such the height of around 3.000 m. Without a doubt, the hunters of snow and cloud will be happy with what they see on the Fansipan.

Built in the high location, the City or the Recreational Center can easily get snowed and frozen. It’s incredible to contemplate the surrounding landscapes above the cloud. If you get there in winter, remember to dress the suitable clothing to keep warm and comfortable.

#2: Eat the Grilled Food and Salmon Hot Pot – Delicious Thing to Eat in Sapa

A trip cannot be complete without local food discovery. Sapa has some must-try street dishes, and the grilled food and salmon hot pot are the two delicacies which make guests remember most. In particular, the hot pot with salmon is nutrient and delectable enough to exhilarate the chilly night. People love gathering at the roundtable and share the hot pot including salmon, various herbs, and mysterious broth. Regarding the grilled pieces in the famous town, the ingredients can be pork, beef, fish, potato, sausage, bird, root vegetable, quail, and more. The stick of some ingredients combined will only be barbecued on your demand to be hot and aromatic.

#3: Visit Superb Cute Coffee Shops – Lovely Thing to See in Sapa

It’s true that Sapa nowadays owns many lovely and attractive coffee shops. The ideal places to gather for both good coffee and enthralling view are Cau May Area in the center and Cat Cat Village overlooking the grandiose Hoang Lien Son Ranges. The elegantly decorated coffee shops bring the warm feeling to the patrons who might come for either the beautiful photography or the hot coffee. So, when you travel to Sapa, treat yourself well by relaxing with the hot coffee cup, crispy cookies, and scenic view. This is an awesome channel to enjoy Sapa in a warm and peaceful way, especially after playing with the snow outdoors.

Each corner of the coffee shops in Sapa can invent the admirable photo albums. Here are several of the most suggested cafeterias to say “good morning Sapa”: Gem Valley, Viet Emotion, The Hill Station, The Haven Sapa Camp Site, La Dao Spa Ta Van, and Cafe in the Clouds. It’s very relaxing to sip a cup of hot coffee there, watch the terraced rice fields, and savor the peace. Read more Top Coffee Shops in Sapa Vietnam !

#4: Bathe with the Wild Leaves of the Red Dao Ethnic Group – Unique Experience in Sapa

After the long hike and day tour in Sapa, pamper yourself by bathing in the wooden tub filled with the remedial leaves of the Red Dao ethnic group. The color of the water is red and cooked from dozens or hundreds of the remedial leaves which are good for health and help you to regain the lost energy. Know that the water should be at 30-37 Celsius degree to be effective. Soaking in the fragrant and warm bathtub makes you relaxed, easy, and happy. Nonetheless, do not bathe too long! Advisably, the good bathing duration is 25-30 minutes for the healthy person, and 15-20 minutes for the weak one. This service is available in many hotels as well as various specialized shops.

#5: Experience Foot Massage – Relaxing Service for Men and Women in Sapa

Along the Cau May Area, not only do many cute coffee shops and guesthouses develop, but also various massage shops. Outstandingly, the foot massage service package of 30 or 60 minutes attract the guests. At the reasonable prices, this service performed by the professional and considerate people helps your feet relax and energize after the long hike in the chilly town. Both men and women are recommended to spending 30 minutes to care about the feet. After that, you get much energy to continue discovering the fairylike destination.

#6: Attend Sapa Winter Festival – Favorable Surprise to Get in Sapa

The second Sapa Winter Festival 2017 is scheduled to take place from the beginning of November to January 03, 2018, and focus on December 22-24 and December 29-31. This festival is a must to attend not only for the efficient Sapa photography tour but also to find the pleasurable surprises incorporated in various activities of culture, art, and cuisine. Take your time to discover the beautiful traits of the local ethnic groups via their music and dance performances, the Fire Jumping of the Red Dao (at the end of the year, to bring warmth, fruitful crops, health, and prosperity for the whole next year). That is, for sure, wonderful that you choose to welcome New Year in Sapa.

#7: Sleep in the Most Scenic Sapa Hotels – The Leading Accommodation to Sleep in Sapa

It’s easy to find the standard hotels in the central Sapa, but if you want the elites overlooking the mountains, know these names: BB Sapa, Amazing Sapa, Bamboo Sapa, Victoria Sapa Resort & Spa, Sapa Legend Hotel & Spa, and Sapa Charm. Any of the recommended addresses ensure you to have the sound sleep, relaxing mood, and enchanting views of the mountains as well as the terraced rice fields. The lodgings themselves are decorated beautifully amidst the stunning landscape.

Include the top activities to do in Sapa above to your tour packages to this magnetic destination!

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