Explore Magnetic Ke Ga Cape When You Visit Phan Thiet Vietnam

Ke Ga Cape in Phan Thiet Vietnam is a magnetic place of interest for anybody that loves pristine and magnificent natural landscapes. Also, this is the off-the-beaten-track shelter in which you find no city bustle. For the next travel to Phan Thiet Mui Ne, make sure you can unwind in this fantastic Cape!

Ke Ga Cape in Phan Thiet Vietnam

Ke Ga Cape in Phan Thiet Vietnam

Ke Ga Cape – the Outstanding Natural Landmark nearby Phan Thiet

Only around 1-hour driving from Phan Thiet City or 1-hour from Mui Ne Beach, Ke Ga Cape and Ke Ga Lighthouse are the big magnets for both domestic and foreign tourists to discover. The attraction is located in Ham Thuan District, Binh Thuan Province. It is the scenic transfer to the site filled with the mountainous scenery, seascape, and luxurious resort. Know that you have to take a boat trip to reach the Ke Ga Lighthouse. The boat trip covers lots of fun when you touch the transparently blue water and step on various rock formations. The rock layers can trigger your imagination to think of various intricate shapes.

The Cape wins praises for the clear water, rock grounds of various sizes and shapes, the far-off white-sand beaches, sea breeze, etc. Everything creates the grandeur and beauty of Ke Ga Cape. It’s free to get around the Cape, but to enter the Lighthouse, you need to pay around USD$2 for the entrance fee. Built from 1897 to 1898, the Ke Ga Lighthouse came into operation in 1990. It was made from stones completely, with the height of 35m. There remains the spiral staircase which challenges the visitors. However, the peerless panorama from the top of the lighthouse is worth the efforts. The 360-degree and panoramic view, as well as the strong wind, mesmerize everybody.

Know that the Ke Ga Lighthouse was ranked as the tallest and oldest lighthouse in Vietnam, by the Guinness Vietnam. As Ke Ga Cape remains unspoiled, remote, and beautiful, it is the ideal getaway for backpacking in Vietnam. The absolute peace, the “garden of rocks,” and the blue sea make this venue attractive all season.

Ke Ga Cape in Phan Thiet Vietnam

Ke Ga Cape in Phan Thiet Vietnam

Tips for Exploring Ke Ga Cape to the fullest

  • Use sunscreen. Both male and female tourists should put the sunscreen to protect their skins on the route to Ke Ga. This central region of Vietnam has the scorching heat which easily leads to sunburn. Besides, the Cape is the ideal settings for various outdoor activities.
  • Bring flashlight. Many young backpackers and explorers take Ke Ga as the great camping site. So if you share the same interest in camping in Ke Ga, make sure you have the handy flashlight. Campfire is the exciting night activity to enjoy on this remote island. Amidst the delightful crowds of participants and the shining campfire, people enjoy dancing and singing to celebrate the stress-free vacation. Also, some individuals take the opportunities to grill the potatoes and corns beside various kinds of seafood. The opportunities to make friends are just boundless.
  • Have one camera at least. This is the not-to-miss item, especially on the route to Ke Ga featured with various scenic spots to capture. Also, remember to bring the backup memory card, just in case you want to shoot more because there might appear many beautiful sceneries beyond your expectation.
  • Know food to eat in Ke Gia Cape. The first and foremost things to eat are the scallop grilled with spring onions and cheese, or the oyster grilled with salt and chili. The freshly caught scallops and oysters provide the tasty flavor that makes you hard to stop eating. Besides, it’s obvious that this island delivers the fantastically culinary experiences with various fresh seafood dishes.
  • Buy seafood from the local fishermen’s boats. The seafood bought directly from the boats of the local fishermen tends to be fresher, more delicious, and more affordable than the ones found in the restaurants. It’s great that you can ask the restaurant to process the self-bought seafood, though they might charge you for the processing.
  • Enjoy fishing in Ke Ga Cape. This is the nice pastime of both locals and visitors who find the inspiring cliffs on the rocky ground to enjoy this sport of catching fish. The rocks of numerous sizes and shapes turn to be the dramatic setting to enjoy fishing.
  • Be ready to experience the basket boat. Know that it’s a must to take a boat trip to the offshore Ke Ga Lighthouse. And before you reach the speedboat, the locals will use the basket boats for the short transfer in the area of the shallow water.
  • Conquer 183 steel stairs of the spiral staircase to reach the top of the Ke Ga Lighthouse. Note that it is not easy to go upstairs to the spiral staircase which dazzles eyes and can even drive you to feel dizzy. Therefore, if feeling that you cannot keep going upstairs, do not take the unnecessary risks!
  • Get to know night crab catching in Ke Ga. This is the attractive activity that most of the young tourists would love to enjoy in this peaceful shelter. In the evening, the crabs tend to move out of the water into the ground and stick to the rocky clefts. Hence, catching crabs become possible at night. With this activity, you need to have a flashlight to go along the seashore and spot the crabs on the ground. Some people can even catch the whole bucket of crabs.
Seafood Market at Ke Ga Cape, Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Seafood Market at Ke Ga Cape, Phan Thiet, Vietnam

With the pristine charm, abundant seafood, and impressively French-built Ke Ga Lighthouse, this landmark is ideal for anybody that desires to get immersed in the picturesque landscapes and the world of delicious and affordable seafood. Not only do you enjoy admiring the antique design of the Vietnam’s oldest lighthouse, but you can also feast eyes with the panoramic and marvelous seascapes, walk on the rocky ground, play with the sea wave, relish the sea breeze, celebrate the cocktail and seafood party, and experience the fishermen’s lifestyle. So if you want to find an ideal place to unwind at weekends or an idyllic vacation shelter, do not hesitate to travel to Ke Ga Cape.

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