Saigon in Vietnam – Different Aspects of City and Life Photography

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is the biggest city located in the South of the country with typical tropical weather. Dynamic, hustle and bustle, Saigon can represent for typical big city in Vietnam. The city is the central of economy of Vietnam as well as the central of entertainment. This is also the first city had been occupied by French and used to be the capital of Indochina so they still remain the oldest French building in Vietnam. Saigon can be the ideal place for candid photograph or photos of daily life activities as well as portrait photography.

Saigon in Vietnam – Different Aspects of City and Life Photography

Saigon in Vietnam – Different Aspects of City and Life Photography

Recommended places for Saigon Photography Tour

The old French architecture in Saigon

The city still remains many authentic and old building of French, mostly located in central area in district one that can reflect one of very nice character of Saigon. The list for Saigon photo tour includes Opera House, Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon City Hall (Hotel de Ville) and Hotel Continental. All of them still intact with original architecture and can be perfect in your photos.

The China town in district 5

China Town is special and unique character of Saigon. Used to be the different town to Saigon and just merging with the city in late 50 decades in last century, many streets in this area still keeping the traditional and original characters from hundred years ago. Most of the local shop in this area still having the Chinese sign and they still remain many beautiful temples in their area. Binh Tay – the biggest whole sales market in town and surrounded area also can be the great attraction for many photographer when they coming to Saigon. One of the best times to take photograph in this area is early in the morning when the local people just waking up and getting ready for the new busy day.

The small alley and old apartment building

The best venues for taking photograph of local people, life style and candid photos in Saigon. The small alleys and be found very easy in district 1 near Bui Vien and De Tham streets. Just walking along these streets, see and feel the life of local people there with your camera. The old apartment building also can give you allots of surprise when you have a chance to get there for your photography in Saigon.

The central area of Saigon

The beautiful square in front of City Hall, along Dong Khoi Street to the area between Notre Dame Cathedral and Central Post Office, the Le Loi Street leading to Ben Thanh Market also so can be very good place for taking photograph.

Saigon from sky

Saigon now is the most developed city in Vietnam with many high-rises in the city that can be the perfect place for the great panorama view of the city. One of the most impressive times for taking this photograph is at the sunset time or at night, when you can see the Saigon city romantic and tinkle at night.

Nguyen Hue Flower Street and Binh Dong station at the Lunar New Year time

This is very exiting can colorful place that specially decorated for greeting New Year that attracted many local people come to visit and taking photos. Binh Dong station is the place where all the boats carried the flower from Mekong Delta following the river coming to sell in Saigon. This is very unique time and opportunities to take photograph of very special character of Saigon.

Saigon by night from other side of Saigon River

One of the most beautiful time of Saigon is at night, when all the lights in the city on. Many photographers in Saigon like to take the photos of Saigon at night with beautiful reflection of the high-rises

The best time for Saigon Photography Tour

As the weather in Saigon in Vietnam is quite similar around the year so anytime can be the same for taking photograph here. Only one special period of time is Lunar New Year with many interesting decoration and activities, it can be perfect for photograph.

How many days you need for the photograph tour in Saigon? If you do not have much time, one day can be the shortest time for your photography tour in Saigon. But two days for photograph tour can be perfect in Saigon.

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