Bac Ninh develops tourism in association with the Quan Ho culture

In the National Tourism Year 2013 on Red River Delta and tourism oriented development up to 2020, with a vision to 2030, Bac Ninh province focuses on developing specific tourism product that is tourism associated with Quan Ho Bac Ninh culture – cultural heritage intangible representation of humanity.

According to statistics from tourism industry of Bac Ninh province, 80% of tourists come to Bac Ninh in order to enjoy Quan Ho folksong. This is the basis for Bac Ninh to setup tourism development strategies and to implement UNESCO’s commitment to conservation and spread Quan Ho culture. Thereby, Bac Ninh can exploit the strengths of the province as well as preserve traditional culture.

Quan Ho culture does not merely singing Quan Ho folksong. It is the totality of many factors, such as Quan Ho singing, costumes, cuisine, customs and habits, Quan Ho cultural space…

According to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Con, Head of Tourism business, Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Bac Ninh province, in order to develop tourism associated with Quan Ho culture, Bac Ninh province will focus on developing tourist destinations as well as exploring the cultural values, history of Quan Ho villages in Hoa Long commune (Bac Ninh city), traveling to Quan Ho ancient villages associated with visiting Cau River, Lim Festival (Tien Du).

Moreover, Bac Ninh plans to make most of tourist attractions in the province have Quan Ho culture; encourage artists to sing Quan Ho in the festivals; develop specific tourism products based on activities such as introducing, promoting the value of Quan Ho Bac Ninh folksong – cultural heritage intangible representation of humanity; as well as offer preferential policies for Quan Ho artists… In addition, Bac Ninh also invests in infrastructure, equipment and encourages people to preserve folksongs, dance and local traditional performing arts, in particular Quan Ho culture.

Especially, in the National Tourism Year 2013 on Red River Delta, the culture of Bac Ninh mainly introduces Quan Ho to domestic and foreign tourists with 18 activities, including Bac Ninh Trade and Travel Fair 2013, art program, artwork exhibition and national photography contest themed “Explore the Red River civilization”, performing and promoting Quan Ho Bac Ninh, Red River Delta tourism fairs, Red River Delta public art festival; workshop…

By Mai Phuong

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