Outstanding Vietnam Festivals in April 2018 You Should Attend

A list of Vietnam Festival in April 2018 can give your more persuasive motivations to travel to the charming S-shaped country right in this April. As the country is rich in cultural and historical events, the tourists have the facts to expect much fun and joy during their vacations in this Indochina region. Vietnam has some festivals in April of Gregorian calendar, but the top 5 stand out.

#1: Hung King’s Temple Festival

Hung King’s Temple Festival has been a public holiday in Vietnam since 2007, which features the national time off on the 10th day of the third lunar month. This year, the event falls on April 25th, 2018 (Gregorian calendar). This Vietnamese festival is held every year in honor of the Hung Kings. In fact, the festival’s period can be from the 8th day to the 11th day of the third lunar month, but only the major festive day (the 10th day) is taken into account for a day off.

This brings the occasions for the whole Vietnamese residents to commemorate and pay respect to the Hung Kings – the traditional founders of the country as well as the first emperors. The event can be celebrated throughout the big cities, but the main place is at the Hung King Tomb on Nghia Linh Mountain, Phu Tho Province. Groups of pilgrims start at the bottom of the mountain. They are likely to stop at almost all temples they pass before accessing the High Temple in which they say prayers and burn incense to the emperors.

Hung King’s Temple Festival

Hung King’s Temple Festival

#2: Reunification Day 30/4

This is the nationwide festival in Vietnam that all visitors should experience to share the proud feeling of every resident in the country. Historically, April 30th, 1975 marked the fall of the Saigon Government, the end of the Vietnam War, and the liberation of Southern Vietnam. These three big events are integrated for the celebrations of Reunification Day 30/4 in almost every corner of the S-shaped nation. On an annual basis, the Vietnamese commemorate this day via the gorgeous decorations in the big cities, the meaningful banners along the streets, the flags and neon lights everywhere. And, when the festive day – April 30th comes, there will be the big parades in the celebrated areas as well as the national live shows to entertain the whole nation.

Followed by the International Workers’ Day (Labour Day) on May 1st, this occasion gives the Vietnamese people 2 official days off. So, at that time, besides celebrating the Reunification Day, local families also take opportunities to travel. That is why the beaches and other famous tourist destinations in Vietnam get much crowded. Proudly expressed, the Vietnamese flags are waving in front of the local houses.

Beaches in Vietnam are always crowded during 30 Apr - 1 May Holiday!

Beaches in Vietnam are always crowded during 30 Apr – 1 May Holiday!

#3: Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF 2018)

This big event marks the 10-year anniversary of the “Danang Fireworks” brand. This is the very critical milestone in the development of the provincial tourism. The colorful festival of 2018 has the participants from 8 countries that are all experts in the world-class fireworks: Poland, United States of America, Sweden, Hong Kong, Italy, France, Portugal, and Danang-Vietnam (the host). This year, the topics of the competition are “The Legendary Bridges”, inspired by the historical bridges that hold a significance in the development of Danang City.

In particular, the festival takes place from April 30th to June 30th, 2018, including 5 nights for performing the impressive fireworks associated with various special activities. During that time period, the city welcomes many other events such as the street carnival, the students’ flash mod competition, the food festival, etc. All activities shower Danang City with the beautiful light and sound. Have your place on the romantic Han River, and cherish the shining sky beautified with the sparkling fireworks.

Danang International Fireworks Festival

Danang International Fireworks Festival

#4: National Tourism Year 2018 in Halong Bay Quang Ninh

This event is scheduled to open on April 28th, in Halong Park, Quang Ninh Province. Hosting the National Tourism Year 2018, Halong Bay Quang Ninh expects to welcome millions of travelers. With the theme “Halong – Heritage, Wonder, Friendly Destination,” the festival takes place associated with various events to promote the UNESCO Bay as well as the Vietnamese ecotourism, and some other nearby points of interest such as Yen Tu Mountain. It’s expected to cover around 50 cultural, tourism, and sports events to attract the participants from all over the world.

While Halong Bay is so famous that almost every tourist knows, this event even boosts the reputation of this New Wonder of the World better and better. Attend this event in Halong City and enjoy the 2018 Halong Carnival, you will never disappoint.

Carnaval Halong 2018 - One of Festival in Halong City

Carnaval Halong 2018 – One of Festival in Halong City

#5: The 10th Hue Festival 2018

This event is planned to take place from April 27th to May 2nd, 2018. Its festive theme is “Cultural Heritage with Integration and Development.” The 10th Hue Festival continues following the previous successful celebrations with some additional attempts to promote the land’s cultural and historical attractions. The 6-day cultural event will offer various elaborate performances at the historical places around the city, namely Hue Citadel and An Dinh Palace. There will also cover the spiritual singing, street parade, food fair, sightseeing tour, sampan racing, sports activities, calligraphy demonstration, kite flying, and various special street arts to look forward to.

Notably, the quintessence of Hue’s culture and art will be shown off to the world, such as woodblocks and imperial records of Nguyen Dynasty, royal court music, Hue’s monumental complex, royal literature and architecture of the heritage destination, etc. Aiming to introduce the destination’s royal art and culture to the participants, the Hue Festival 2018 is full of colors, events, and even competitions to watch. Also look for the cuisine fairs and workshops around the corners to authentically feel this most anticipated cultural event in Vietnam.

Royal court music performance in Hue festival

Royal court music performance in Hue festival

Each of the top 5 Festivals in Vietnam April 2018 is enjoyable and exciting enough to call the tourists worldwide to land in Vietnam. Counting from this moment, prepare for your next travel in April and attend the critical events of history and culture that are only available in this month.

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