Yen Duc Village Tour

About 60km from Ha Long City, on the way from Hanoi to Ha Long, Yen Duc is a typical Vietnamese agriculture village which is rich in traditions and culture as well as beautiful landscapes. Yen Duc Village is surrounded by mountains and Kinh Thay River with many relic sites such as: Canh Mountain, 73 Cave, Canh Huong pagoda… Especially, tourists can experience the daily life of local farmers by being real farmers with many activities: grinding rice, pounding rice, fishing with bamboo fishing trap, gardening… After the exciting experiencing, tourists will enjoy the local specialties homemade by local farmers, for example: sweet potatoes, corn, green tea… In addition, tourists can also admire the traditional folk songs of the northern delta of Vietnam, watch water puppetry and participate in other interesting folk games.

Canh Huong Pagoda

Quan Ho singing (Vietnamese traditional folk songs)




Moreover, travel to Yen Duc Village, tourists can stay overnight in Viet houses which have unique design, imitate the traditional rural houses of Vietnam. These houses with red brick walls and solid wood pillars have full of amenities that satisfy the high demand of the tourists. Notably, the space outside theses houses is very spacious and airy, in front of the house is the green areca and cool lake create a very peaceful environment. Besides, stay at Yen Duc Village, tourists can also harvest agricultural products by themselves in the garden “of their own house” and cook delicious dishes. Travel guides – the local farmers – will directly help you during your stay here.

Viet House

Harvesting vegetable

Green tea, sweet potato and corn

Yen Duc Village House

Along with the natural beauty, unique culture combined with favorable geography on the way from Ha Long – Hanoi, Yen Duc village is potential tourist destination that will bring unforgettable experience for visitors.

Water puppetry in Yen Duc Village

Making handicraft

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