Famous Flower Market on Hang Luoc Street, Hanoi

Every year, Flower Market on Hang Luoc Street, Hanoi attracts thousands of people to visit and go shopping. It is one of the most famous flower markets in Hanoi and opened once annually before Tet Holiday. People can buy flowers and trees for Tet Holiday in many places around Hanoi. However, the flower market on Hang Luoc Street always has its own position evoking traditional Lunar New Year climate. Established in the first years of 20th century, Hang Luoc flower market is considered as the oldest market in Hanoi.

Under the Le dynasty, Hang Luoc (“Luoc” means comb) belonged to Phu Tu hamlet and Vinh Tru hamlet, Hau Tuc district (being named as Dong Xuan district later), old Tho Xuong District, specialized in making combs. In 1912, Hang Luoc became famous flower market of Thang Long Citadel with various types, from Quang Ba, Nhat Tan peach blossoms, Ngoc Ha daisies… to new types of flowers from Botanical Garden. Hang Luoc Street, nowadays, is located in Hang Ma Ward, Hoan Kiem District with a length of 264 meters connecting from Hang Cot to Cha Ca. It has existed for over 100 years from the initiating market, excluding New Year in 1947 due to the war.

The market is often opened from December 23rd (Lunar calendar) until December 30th each year. During this period, peach trees or peach branches, kumquat trees and flowers are presented here making the street busier in the Tet holiday. This market is named as Hang Luoc but this year, the market will be expanded to Hang Ruoi, Hang Chai, Hang Ma and Hang Dong… We can see fresh flowers and trees everywhere.


Unlike Quang Ba market, flowers will be heaped up with small and big bunches; in Hang Luoc, flowers will be chosen carefully and then presented on the different zones. Traditional flowers are the most popular ones here such as: peach flowers, kumquats, gladioluses, dahlias, violets, narcissuses, amplexicaul tea…, in which peach flowers are most favorite one.


For the Hanoian, visiting Hang Luoc market flower in Tet holiday is considered as a pleasure before the Lunar New Year. Someone visit the market everyday and can only buy a punch of flowers on 30th Lunar December – the New Year eve. However, sellers do not fell annoying but are happy, welcomed and send a wish to buyers.


In addition to fresh flowers, in this special market, people can find many types of artificial flowers, silk flowers of all colors. Among the colorful flowers, there are many stalls selling a variety of unique fruits such as Wine-gourd shaped grapefruit, Buddha’s hand fruit… The market is located in the busy trading area in the old quarter so visitors can also go from this street to others to purchase decorative items and red evelope for New Year…


In Hang Luoc flower market , we can find the mixture of the modern and old which cannot be found anywhere else. Many generations of the Hanoian have recalled the memory when visiting this street. You may travel to Quang Ba market flower or some markets near your house to buy branches of flowers or branches of peach but remember to spend a little time to visit Hang Luoc market to have more the value and beauty of culture in Hanoi.


By Mai Phuong

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