Hanoi in Vietnam – Charming city for photography tour round year

Hanoi in Vietnam

Hanoi in Vietnam is the city of green tree and beautiful lakes. The capital of Vietnam, Hanoi is also so called “the Paris of the East” due to the strong influence of French culture and architecture in this city. With over one thousand year history and culture, Hanoi is one of the most scenic cities in Vietnam to take photograph. Authentic, ...

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Mekong Delta in Vietnam – Green and Peaceful Place for Picture Taking Trip

Chau Doc Market in Mekong Delta Vietnam

Mekong Delta is the biggest delta in Vietnam that 60% of rice in Vietnam coming from. The delta is not only famous about rice but also about the rich and green orchard garden that provides the best quality of tropical fruit in Vietnam. This is also the land of rivers and canals with countless bridges and water everywhere. People have ...

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Phu Lang Pottery Village in Bac Ninh for Traditional Pottery Making of the North

Phu Lang Pottery Village in Bac Ninh

Vietnam tourism has another traditional village in the North to attract photographers and travelers, namely Phu Lang Pottery Village in Bac Ninh. The attraction is located in Phu Lang Commune, Que Vo District, Bac Ninh Province, around 60km from the north of Hanoi. If you’re interested in Northern Vietnamese pottery trades, Vietnam Travel Guide 2018 recommends you to add “Phu Lang ...

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Saigon in Vietnam – Different Aspects of City and Life Photography

Saigon in Vietnam – Different Aspects of City and Life Photography

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is the biggest city located in the South of the country with typical tropical weather. Dynamic, hustle and bustle, Saigon can represent for typical big city in Vietnam. The city is the central of economy of Vietnam as well as the central of entertainment. This is also the first city had been ...

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Thanh Ha Fish Market – Interesting Discovery in Hoi An Vietnam

Thanh Ha Fish Market is located on the Thu Bon River, about 3 km from Hoi An Town. This is whole sales market for selling the fish catching at night from the sea, just open in the morning from 5 AM to 7 AM. The fish in this market are very famous as the best fish in the region. It ...

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Lim Mong Valley – Must Stop When Travel to Mu Cang Chai

Lim Mong Valley in Mu Cang Chai,Vietnam

Lim Mong Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in the Northern Mountain Area of Vietnam. Just 5 kms from Tu Le – the most famous place for sticky rice in the north of Vietnam, Lim Mong Valley is the must photo stop for any travellers travel up to Mu Cang Chai. Most of people just take the photo ...

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How to Get to Phu Quoc Island – Directions to Pearl Site

Sao Beach, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

How to get to Phu Quoc Island (or Pearl Island) has become more and more feasible nowadays, whether you begin from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, or Rach Gia. The most common modes of transport to this destination are car, plane, speedboat, or ferry. As the island remains charming and exquisite all year round, come to see it ...

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New Amazing Things in Vietnam: Golden Bridge and Landmark 81

Golden Bridge in Da Nang

Local youths are so proud of two new amazing things in Vietnam that they unhesitatingly introduce to the international buddies. While one symbol is set amid the empyreal forests, the other is located in the most bustling city center of the country. Both now become new Vietnamese tourism symbols for the Vietnamese youths to show off to the overseas people. ...

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Traditional Quat Dong Village Hanoi for Masterly Rich Embroidery

Quat Dong Embroidery Village in Hanoi

The traditions of lace embroidery have been well preserved in Quat Dong Village Hanoi which is worth visiting and cherishing the aesthetic art. Located in Thuong Tin District, around 20km from the south of Hanoi, this village is where to discover the 17th-century embroidery art of the old Vietnam and find various beautiful and rich designs which are on sale. ...

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Du Du Village in Hanoi Vietnam for Quintessential Wooden Sculpture

Du Du Wooden Sculpture Village in Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi is promoting trade village tourism, and Du Du Sculpture Village is one of the most outstanding traditional sites to be included in the itinerary day tours. Located in Thanh Thuy Commune, Thanh Oai District, Hanoi, this village preserves the quintessence of the wooden sculpture that creates numerous wooden statues “passing from father to son.” Protected in the areas are ...

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