Useful Information For A Kon Tum Adventure Tour

Being a province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and located in Indochina junction that has same borderline with Laos and Cambodia, Kon Tum now is being evaluated to be one of the attractive destinations of Vietnam. Along with the process of urbanization, the traditional cultural values have been attached special important to preserve. Among the urban lifestyle, Kon Tum still remains the space imbued with cultural identities of Ba Na, Giarai ethnic, the Communal houses, hanging bridges, the unique traditional products of the Central Highlands, gong festivals; the historical relics, and religious architecture. All of them create youthful and modern Kon Tum hidden distinct culture features. Maybe for all reasons, there are more and more tourists coming here to view landscapes and get to know about the life of some minority ethics. And should you want to take an adventure tour in Vietnam to discover this land, do not skip these bellow useful information.


Getting to any places, tourists often care about the weather and time to come here; however, Kon Tum is an exception because the climate is relatively cool all around year. And the most ideal time is December; this is time of many interesting festivals and wild sunflowers blooming on basaltic soils.

Besides, Kon Tum is often mentioned thanks to nature landscapes and unique attractions. Arriving at Kon Tum city, from a long distance, visitors can see the belfry of Wooden Church with warm brown that is prominent in blue sky of the Central Highlands. Through the narrow streets in the heart of the city, tourists strolling on Nguyen Hue Street will come to the famous wooden churches. Stepping into, you will feel so small because of the immense space and glossy black wooden columns. Located in the city center, this church began to be constructed by a French priest in 1913, and completed in 1918. The work is created by the talented hands of Binh Dinh, Quang Nam artists in accordance with the manual method and it is combined between Roman style and the stilts of Bana. This kind of architecture also represents interference between of Highland culture and European culture. Nearly past a century, the church still has no sign of degradation and is becoming a well known tourism attractions of Vietnam.


Especially, with a natural space, original ecosystem, the pure and pristine forest just like blooming wild flowers are factors making Mang Den Ecotourism Zone become a wonderful place of Kon Tum that nowhere can own. Mang Den is imaged to wear a beautiful colorful jacket because it is covered with vast pine forests, charming scenery of lakes, waterfalls, multiple animals and humanity ecotourism of the ethnic minorities such as the Xe Dang, Kdoong, Monam, etc. It is also judged to have a lot of potential to build outstanding brand on Vietnam tourism map and world’s one as well.

Moreover, an attraction that you should not ignore is Kontum missionary seminary. It is built in 1935 and has harmonious combination between the architecture of Western and traditional indigenous ethnic. Through a small gate, visitors can slowly walk and feel soothing fragrance of plumeria. One of the highlights in Kon Tum missionary seminary is traditional houses considered as a small museum with daily living items, farm tools, and culture objects of residents. These artifacts, maps exhibited in the seminary are very valuable and meticulously wooden carved.

Furthermore, Kon Klor hanging bridge and Kon K’tu Cultural Village are other ideal destinations. This bridge connects two banks of Dakblar River, and standing here, you will find your soul more peaceful and relaxed. It is covered with villages, corn fields, paddies and located next to the largest communal house of Central Highlands. Just far away 8 km from the city centre, K’Tu Village is the proud of residents here because it still retains ancient, majestic and pristine features. Currently, the villagers still maintain the gong teams, Xoang dancing teams and traditional festivals. In particular, getting to Kon K’Tu, visitors will have opportunity to explore the original culture features of long houses, stilt houses.

In addition, Kon Tum prison built by French to detain political prisoners, and soldiers of Vietnam’s revolution in the period of 1930, 1931 is an important place to visit and understand more about the history. Kon Tum is also well known for a series of landscape scattered in other communes and districts such as Chu Mom Ray National Park that is adjacent to two natural protection zones of Laos and Cambodia, Bac Ai pagoda, Yaly waterfall, etc.

Especially, coming to Kon Tum, you can taste a lot of special foods such as bamboo-tube rice, grilled pork, and rice paper roll. Besides, some of dishes that you should try are Kon Tum buffalo meat in the town square, wild meat, pigeon porridge, dried Pho, baked banana on Nguyen Hue Street, etc. Definitely, they are really incredible meals after a long trip and leave an unforgettable impression on you.

And to have a perfect Kon Tum adventure tour, do not forget to bring a thin jacket in your luggage because the climate is quite cold at the early morning and at night. You also need taking some personal items, and basic medications, sunscreen, mosquito repellent cream.

If you are having long days off and want to experience new feeling with many unique destinations and get to know longstanding culture tradition of some minority ethnics, let add Kon Tum to your tourism handbook. Because life is an adventure, just pack up your bag and travel around.

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