Commencing Charm Of Phu Quy Island

Vietnam is a great house of many beautiful beaches, which has been born, nurtured and protected for decades. And if you’re searching for an exquisite and pristine beach to rest in, go see Phu Quy Island! Its commencing charm makes the island a tropical paradise settled in a volcanic crater. The charming island is a gem of Binh Thuan Province.

Phu Quy Island, Vietnam

Guide On Phu Quy Island Destination For Tourists

In regards to the name of Phu Quy Island, it means “rich and precious”; therefore inspiring visitors to think of the natural expensiveness in the first time they hear the name. The island is an essential stop between the mainland and Truong Sa archipelago.  Regarded as a “floating base”, Phu Quy island tourist destination provides various services of ship fishing offshore through its seaport on Trieu Duong Beach. With a population of about 20,000, the island holds a small dot on Binh Thuan map. Though the dot is small, it’s very inspirational for a perfect beach holiday. Since Phu Quy Island is bordered with white sandy beaches, impressive mountains, and 9 islets, it is undoubtedly the magnetic aqua tourist destination.

Following the modern route, Phu Quy Island has been changing her face with more and more high buildings associated with asphalt roads to replace the old sandy path. However, please note that its pristine charm is undying! The island has preserved many valuably natural characteristics, from the fine sand shine with coral and shells to the traditional local sea life. In fact, there stand some unexploited areas for potential tourism. If you decide to rest in this tourist site, expect to have a peaceful night under the twinkling stars. Besides the calm beach, don’t miss exploring some nearby caves and also scuba diving or snorkeling. The Phu Quy’s seafloor is decorated with colorful rocks and corals, where various sea creatures are there for you to contemplate.


When it’s time to indulge your stomach, enjoying fragrant corn cobs and fresh fish grilled over the campfire. The coconuts orchards offer coconut milk and copra for meals while its shade is for camping. That is a pure experience you need you stay closest to nature. The lovely picturesque view over the island’s beaches and impressive rock shapes will become unparalleled in your own records.

For healthy spirituality, come to visit temples and pagodas on the island, like Linh Quang (the oldest pagoda on Phu Quy), Linh Son (the pagoda calmly set under a banyan tree), and Cao Cat (the pagoda houses precious documents about local islanders’ life and ancient objects), which have been officially recognized as the cultural-historic relics. These worshipping sites promise to refresh your mind and alleviate your inner dumps.

The pristine beauty of Phu Quy Island destination offers the spacious and peaceful spaces, where tourists can rest and perceive harmony with nature. So, touring to this exquisite “floating base” and you will soon realize the fact that its charm is inimitable and supreme. Whether you are keen on fishing offshore or experiencing aqua activities or simply sightseeing the panoramic seascape, proceed to the pristine and unspoiled Phu Quy Island seems to be one of the best options ever.

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