Cay Ceramic Village

In the 15th – 16th century, Cay potteries are made in 2 villages Huong Gian and Ke Gian. Some specific characteristics of Cay’s products are similar to the potteries of Chu Dau village (Thai Tan, Nam Thanh, Hai Duong) such as: bowls and plates with antique patterns (hoa lam chan cao), bottoms of bowls are brown.

Today, Cay ceramic village is losing its traditional craft. You can see the traces of ancient ceramic in some excavated artifacts or in old rough brick walls in the village. The local people have transferred to manufacturing building material. However, some ceramists who still have enthusiasm for the ancient craft have produced simulative antique ceramics and architectural decorative ceramics for the monuments restoration. There is only one family that continues making ceramics in the village. The oldest son of this family built a pottery-kiln in and he has made many beautiful simulative antique ceramics.

Restoring the Cay ceramic village is not only the expectations of the villagers but also the common aspiration of those who have the passion for ceramics of Cay village.

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