12 amazing things to do when travel to Hoi An


The weather in Hoi An on the Spring is really comfortable. Drinking a cup of coffee, traveling around by bicycle, swimming in Cua Dai beach or visit the town in the evening… are all you cannot ignore when go to Hoi An ancient town.          Take a cup of coffee and relax in the airy space and ...

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Flower villages around Hanoi


Planting flowers is a traditional profession and the capital of Hanoi has many famous flower villages such as Ngoc Ha, Nghi Tam, Nhat Tan, Quang Ba… Most of these villages are located along the West Lake, a famous scenic of Ha Noi. Each year, on the occasion of the New Year, under the spring rain, the streets of Hanoi are ...

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Ha Thai lacquerware


Ha Thai village – Duyen Thai commune is located right by side of 1A national highway and among other famous trade villages. Ha Thai village’s lacquer painting itself has developed for a long time. Previously, the village had one largest lacquer painting cooperative in the former Ha Son Binh province with 500 households joined in the cooperative. After that, exporting ...

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Hoang Su Phi terraced fields on the ripen rice season


Each year, when the autumn comes, the mountainous district Hoang Su Phi attracts many travelers and photographers to enjoy, admire and take pictures of yellow rice fields. Located halfway up the mountain, Hoang Su Phi terraced fields are gorgeous in yellow and shining along the valley. There are two roads to Hoang Su Phi: from Highway 2 through Tuyen Quang ...

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