Northwest Vietnam Photography Tour 8 Days / 7 Nights

As the most spectacular trip to the mountainous area of the Northwest of Vietnam, this 8-Day Northwest Vietnam Photography Tour is the ideal choice for photo hunters. You also have the excellent opportunities to take the pictures of the distinctive hill tribe people as well as their daily life activities.

The spectacular drive to the heavenly mountainous area of Vietnam. You get the fantastic chances to interact with many hill tribe people who are all friendly. You will appreciate the daily life activities of people along the trip. There are countless photo opportunities in Mai Chau, Pha Din Pass, Hoang Lien Son Pass, Than Uyen, Tam Duong, Mu Cang Chai, Duong Lam and some villages of different hill tribe people during the grand journey.

Northwest Vietnam Photography Tour in Details

Day 1: HANOI – MAI CHAU (-/L/D)

northwest vietnam photo tour day 1Depart from Hanoi to Mai Chau, which is the tranquilsite to the West of Hanoi. First, drive from Hanoi to Luong Son. And then, turn onto a remote road to Kim Boi which passes through the impressive scenery of thelimestone mountains and the scenic terraced rice fields. Though this route takes longer timethan usual, the scenery is much more breathtaking than the usual route to Mai Chau via Hoa Binh. Then, drive to the top of Cun steep and cross over Cao Phong and Man Duc to Thung Khe and Thung Nhuoi Passes. You experience one of the most interesting drives of the day to view the fairy landscapes. Once arrived in Mai Chau, check in and have lunch at the Thai people’s traditional long houses in Pom Coong Village. In the afternoon,roam around the valley to record the pictures ofsome nearby villages, the carpeted green rice fields, and the special Mai Chau town.

Overnight and have dinner in the Thai people’s long house.

Photo chances of the day: The scenic road from Luong Son to Kim Boi, Cun steep, Man Duc, Cao Phong, Thung Khe, and Thung Nhuoi, the interesting daily life activities of the Thai people in their village, the memorable walking tour to the villages, and the heavenly rice fields in Mai Chau.

Day 2: MAI CHAU – SON LA (B/-/-)

northwest vietnam photo tour day 2In the morning, drive to Son La. On the way,enjoy trekkingin the jungle to approach the secretive village of the Muong people on the charming plateau that overlooks the mighty Da River. Then, get extra fascinating photographic subjects by traveling to Xa Linh – the village of Mong people. Drive for 7 km for sightseeingthe beautiful landscapes as well as the traditional villages of Mong people. Keep driving to Moc Chau where you’re motivated to take the stunning shots of the wonderful tea plantation. Also, you will have lunch there. In the afternoon, the tour continues taking youto Son La. Along the drive, you see the primeval areas of the Mong and Thai people.  Then, we pass by some spectacular passes, the poetic river,and villages of the Thai people. We also come across a typical suspension bridge on the river to reach a village of Thai people before we arrive at Son La.

Overnight in Son La.

Photo chances in the day: The adventurous hike through the green jungle to the village of Muong people, the extraordinary daily activities of Muong people in the village, the picturesque rice field and the giant reservoir on the Da River, the impressive tea plantation in Moc Chau, the three special hill tribes along the way namely Muong, Mong and Thai, the memorable walk over the suspension bridge to seethe Thai people’s village.

Day 3: SON LA – TUAN GIAO – SIN HO (B/-/-)

northwest vietnam photo tour day 3In the morning, explore Old French prison of Son La old Prison. After that, depart to Muong Lay. Pass by Pha Din, one of the most amazing passes in the North of Vietnam. Here, contemplate the unbeatable scenery and visit Red Mong village. The name of the pass (in the Thai language)can be explained as the place where Heaven and Earth meet. After having lunch at Tuan Giao, keep driving to Muong Lay and sightseeing the eye-catching area of White Mong people on the hidden Hoa Pass. You can say this is the most scenic part of the day, and you are sure to have lots of photo opportunities there. After that, move upward to conquer Sin Ho, the isolated town set on high elevation as Sapa. You will have a great time to meet the Red Mong people.

Overnight in Sin Ho.

Photo chances of the day: The delightful drive from Son La and stopover ofPha Din Pass, the typical Thuan Chau Market, the impressive Red Mong village on the summit of Pha Din Pass, the Mong Village and the picturesque scene from Tuan Giao to Muong Lay, the exclusive hill tribes along the way includingthe White Thai, Black Thai, Red Mong, and Kho Mu.

Day 4: SIN HO – LAI CHAU (B/-/-)

northwest vietnam photo tour day 4Once arrived in Sin Ho, invest a half day in exploring Vietnam’s most mountainous region. In the morning, drive over the road from Sin Ho to Lai Chau – the lovely town set in green terraced tea plantation. You can expect to meet Red Mong, Dao and Lu people along the way.Then, have great lunch at the local restaurant before you check in the hotel in Lai Chau. In the afternoon, the exciting hike to the beautiful tea plantation area, the impressive terrace rice field and the exclusive villages of Mong people will interest you. Return to Lai Chau in the late afternoon.

Overnight in Lai Chau.

Photo chancesof the day: The enjoyable drive from Sin Ho– the hidden town in high elevation with the picturesquelandscape of mountains and terraced rice fields, to Lai Chau, the unique Red Mong Village, the exclusive hill tribes of the northwest region including White Thai, Kho Mu, Red Mong, Mang, Lu, and Dzao.

Day 5: LAI CHAU – SAPA (B/-/-)

northwest vietnam photo tour day 5In the morning, the bumpy drive through the beautifully hidden landscapes of the north regionwill transfer you from Tam Duong to Binh Lu. Pass by Hoang Lien Son Mountain where you can feast the eyes with the Vietnam’s most impressive mountainous scenery before traveling toSa Pa. At an elevation of 1,500 meters, Sa Pa is a former French-style hill resort and also the ideal home to some of Vietnam’s most interesting ethnic minority groups. After an orientation walk around the town, your afternoon timecanbe about discovering the town, French-architecture villas, Catholic Church and Ham Rong Mountain on your own.

Overnight in Sa Pa.

Photo chances of the day: The unforgettable drive from Tam Duong to Binh Lu, the spectacular landscape of Hoang Lien Son – the highest and most impressive pass in Vietnam, the famous Sapa where to meet many different hill tribes such as Lu, Mong, Dzao, Giay and Tay, and the unrivaled view of Sapa and Hoang Lien Son mountain range from Ham Rong Mountain.

Day 6: SAPA (B/-/-)

northwest vietnam photo tour day 6In the morning,visit the villages of several ethnic groups in Sapa. First, the very spectacular drive will take us to the villages along the valley of Muong Hoa. Here, you meet the H’mong girls who have the baskets on their backs, strolling to the market to trade their domestic goods. The trekking journey will begin from Y Linh Ho to Lao Chai –the village of the H’mong people. Believably, the H’mong people were some of the first immigrants to this region. In fact, they are famous for their hand-weaving and creative terraced rice fields. Walk around the village, and then head toward the village of Ta Van of the Giay people. You will run into the exceptional terraces, and experience the diversity of the hill tribe people there. After that, the car will take you back to Sapa. In the afternoon, spend time exploring Ta Phin – the village of Dzao people.

Overnight in Sa Pa.

Photo chances of the day: The beautiful sites of Muong Hoa Valley, and the exclusive local villages of the Red Dzao, Giay, Black Mong ethnic people.


northwest vietnam photo tour day 7In the morning, drive over the Hoang Lien Son Pass to Than Uyen – the lovely town nestledat the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range. From here, feast the eyes with the tremendous landscape of the greatest mountain in Vietnam. Then, drive to Mu Cang Chai – the home to the most beautiful terrace rice fields of Vietnamwhich have been recognized to be the Vietnam natural heritage. Have lunch at Mu Cang Chai, and then invest the whole afternoon in cherishing the unrivaled charm of the vast terrace rice field in Mu Cang Chai, Lim Mong, and Tu Le before transferring to Nghia Lo.

Overnight in Nghia Lo.

Photo chances of the day: The impressive drive from Sapa to Nghia Lo, the magnificent Hoang Lien Son mountain range which can be admired from Than Uyen, and the wonderful landscape of the heavenly terraced rice fields in Mu Cang Chai.


northwest vietnam photo tour day 8In the morning, drive from Nghia Lo to Duong Lam, the ancient village of Viet people in the Red River Delta. The village preservesnumerous hundred-year-old houses. You getthe unique experience of walking along the narrowantique alleys, exploring the Communal House right in Mong Phu Hamlet that has theprimeval entrance gate which is to honor the national heroes. Savor the simple but delicious lunch in the oldest house in the village of Mr.Huyen. After lunch, take another bike ride in the rural area to approach the spacious green rice field, the interesting hundred-year-old resting house which is for the farmers to rest during the summertime. Also, don’t forget to see the thousand-year-old tree line admitted as Heritage Trees in Vietnam. Then,return to the village for the drive back to Hanoi. You are back to the city in the late afternoon.Tour Concluded.

Photo chances of the day: The unforgettable and scenic drive from Nghia Lo to Son Tay, and the magnetic and ancient Duong Lam village of the Viet people in the Red River Delta.


Northwest Vietnam Photo Tour

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  • Private group of Stay in budget hotel
    1 participant 2,172
    2 participants 1,169
    3-6 participants 879
    7-10 participants 611
    Single Supplement 135
    Services included:
    • Transportation: private air-conditioned vehicle (with the responsible driver)
    • Accommodation: hotel &stilted house in the village.
    • Meals as scheduled: B = breakfast, L = lunch, D= Dinner
    • English-speaking guide (experienced guide for Vietnam photography tours)
    • Entrance fee to the mentionedplaces of interest
    • Biking activity
    • Water bottles and cool towels
    Services excluded: The extra meals, tip, drinks, international flights & airport tax, single room requirement, your personal expenses, and insurance.
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