Lũng Cẩm Village

Location: Lung Cam village is about 25 km from Dong Van town, situates close to number 4C highway.

Feature: The village nestles in a poetic valley; it has 61 households and 290 inhabitants. Among them, White H’Mong ethnic minority has 53 households; Chinese ethnic minority has 8 households. In Lung Cam village, people mainly live on doing milpa, corn is main food for people. In addition, the locals still plant buckwheat, vegetables, beans and weaving flax.

At present, there is a cement road connecting number highway 4C to the village. Besides, it also has electricity and clean water for serving the life of the local.

Welcome gate of Lung Cam village

Lung Cam village had a reputation after it was chosen as the setting scene for the film named “Chuyện của Pao”. Here is one of the most beautiful villages’ White H’mong people, with many ancient houses.

Coming here, visitors can go to see the architecture of ancient houses and experiences the daily life of the local. Especially, White H’mong people still preserve their featured cultural values such as: Gầu Tào festival, Bride Snatch, Funeral, Wedding…

Now, there are some families running their business with home-stay services to welcome tourists who would like to stay overnight in the village

Buckwheat flowers bloom in front of the village.

The house was built over 100 years old. It is the main setting scene of film “chuyen cua Pao”

A wooden balcony

In the village, most of houses have Yin and Yang roof tiles and earth-pounded walls

Smoky kitchen

White Hmong man wears a traditional costume.

There are some popular hotels in Lung Cam village

“By Dang Vu

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