Fees for Vietnam visa will double increase in 2013

Vietnam will raise the visa fees for foreign and overseas Vietnamese visitors from January 1st, 2013. It will cost nearly double in comparison with the current fees.

According to the Ministry of Finance statement:

  • Single-entry visas will cost US$45, up from the current $25.
  • Vietnam is currently issuing two types multiple-entry visas. An up to six-month multiple entry visa currently costs $50 and a one for more than six month cost $100. But the new regulation charges $95 for a six-month visa and $135 for the other.
  • Another multiple-time entry visa for less than one-month term that will cost $65.
  • The temporary residency card will also cost an additional $20, raising the price to $80 for a one-year card, $100 for one to two years, and $120 for two to three years.
  • People who want to transfer their visa or temporary residence value from old to new passports will have to pay $15 instead of the current $10.
  • Vietnam currently also issues three-month multiple-entry commercial visa that allows foreigners to work in Vietnam.
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