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Explore Bau Truc Pottery Village


Bau Truc pottery village- the name is popularly known by many local tourists as well as foreign ones. It is the oldest pottery village in Southeast Asia and famous for hand-made pottery products and unique way of baking potter.  Bau Truc pottery village is in Phuoc Dan town, Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan province. It is about 10 kilometers away ...

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Lũng Cẩm Village


Location: Lung Cam village is about 25 km from Dong Van town, situates close to number 4C highway. Feature: The village nestles in a poetic valley; it has 61 households and 290 inhabitants. Among them, White H’Mong ethnic minority has 53 households; Chinese ethnic minority has 8 households. In Lung Cam village, people mainly live on doing milpa, corn is ...

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Cay Ceramic Village


In the 15th – 16th century, Cay potteries are made in 2 villages Huong Gian and Ke Gian. Some specific characteristics of Cay’s products are similar to the potteries of Chu Dau village (Thai Tan, Nam Thanh, Hai Duong) such as: bowls and plates with antique patterns (hoa lam chan cao), bottoms of bowls are brown. Today, Cay ceramic village ...

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Flower villages around Hanoi


Planting flowers is a traditional profession and the capital of Hanoi has many famous flower villages such as Ngoc Ha, Nghi Tam, Nhat Tan, Quang Ba… Most of these villages are located along the West Lake, a famous scenic of Ha Noi. Each year, on the occasion of the New Year, under the spring rain, the streets of Hanoi are ...

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Ha Thai lacquerware


Ha Thai village – Duyen Thai commune is located right by side of 1A national highway and among other famous trade villages. Ha Thai village’s lacquer painting itself has developed for a long time. Previously, the village had one largest lacquer painting cooperative in the former Ha Son Binh province with 500 households joined in the cooperative. After that, exporting ...

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Yen Duc Village Tour


About 60km from Ha Long City, on the way from Hanoi to Ha Long, Yen Duc is a typical Vietnamese agriculture village which is rich in traditions and culture as well as beautiful landscapes. Yen Duc Village is surrounded by mountains and Kinh Thay River with many relic sites such as: Canh Mountain, 73 Cave, Canh Huong pagoda… Especially, tourists ...

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